Nokia N810 gets official!

Nokia today introduced the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, signifying a new phase in portable internet communication. You have ability to connect this pocket-sized device to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot or over your Bluetooth mobile phone. The Nokia N810 allows you to make internet calls; check your Google Mail or Facebook Account; watch the latest videos on YouTube or update your blog using the device’s slide-out keyboard along with its stunning touch screen. Its built-in maps and satellite navigation helps you to find your way. It is expected to start shipping mid November with an estimated retail price of 479 USD (excluding local taxes). Bringing you closer to communities Whether you are at home, in the park or in a coffee shop, with the Nokia N810 you will never be far away. With the ability to check emails, read the latest gossip online or IM to your friends, share your moods on your favorite social sites; call via Skype, or get closer by the Gizmo video chat – with the integrated VGA camera – you’ll never be far away from those you want to keep in contact with.. Keeping you on the right track You may feel lost without it, but with the Nokia N810, you’ll never lose your way. The Nokia N810 has an integrated GPS receiver which allows you to pinpoint your position and find a wide variety of points-of-interests using the pre-loaded maps. Upgrade to Wayfinder’s voice-guided navigation for turn-by-turn directions and explore the world on foot or in the car. Never be bored again Whether you’re traveling on the trip of a lifetime or on your daily commute to work, the Nokia N810 is the perfect traveling companion. No Wi-Fi connection on your journey? No need, the Nokia N810 offers up to 45 hours of music playback and memory to store up to 7,500 songs on an optional 10GB memory card*. Its large (4.13″), sharp (800×480 resolution) wide screen makes for a magical experience right in the palm of your hand. “The Nokia N810 packs the power of a traditional computer into a pocket-sized format. Its open standard technology accelerates the convergence of multiple functionalities and services into a single device”, said Ari Virtanen, Vice President, Convergence Products, Multimedia, Nokia. “Our new Nokia N810 offers users a true Web 2.0 experience in a compact, stylish, yet affordable package – it connects people to what matters to them.” The Nokia N810 is powered by maemo Linux based OS2008, updatable also on the Nokia N800, the previous internet tablet generation hardware. The Nokia N810 features a highly customizable user interface and contains various novelties such as a Mozilla based browser with Ajax and Adobe flash 9, Bluetooth headset support as well as enhanced video and audio features. The refreshed Video Gizmo, Skype and Rhapsody highlight some most popular downloads available while Boingo Wireless, Earthlink and The Cloud enable Wi-Fi connectivity, across thousands of different locations globally. Today, Forum Nokia also announced the launch of maemo platform support services for software developers and companies around the world via Currently, Forum Nokia has more than 3.4 million registered users, developing leading mobile applications on Symbian Series 40 and Series 60 platforms. This professional support service complements the developer offering with, an open source community sponsored by Nokia. *Capacity based on 3:45 per song and 128 kbps MP3 encoding.

AT&T Tilt First Impressions Review at brighthand!

“The Tilt uses a new variation of a fairly standard design. It has a landscape oriented QWERTY keyboard that can be hidden by sliding it behind the screen. Unlike similar models, though, this smartphone’s screen can be tilted up, making it look something like a miniature laptop. There are many people who like to have their mobile device on their desk displaying some useful bits of information, like the time, the number of unread emails in the inbox, weather conditions, or even family pictures. The Tilt’s flip-up display makes this easy.You’re probably not going to want to actually use the device much in this mode, though. When the display is tilted up, it partially covers the two keys that correspond to the two soft buttons on the bottom of the screen. These make using the device without touching the screen much easier, and on the Tilt are already too small to begin with, so you don’t want anything in the way.” Read more here:

Sprint Announces HTC Touch: November 4 is D day

“The HTC Touch is here. Available exclusively through Sprint starting November 4, the Touch is a full touch-screen mobile phone running on Windows Mobile 6 with entertainment being its prime agenda. Featuring a big, nearly 3-inch display, the phone is based on TouchFLO technology for smooth menu navigation with a finger swipe. There’s also a 3D cube interface for quick access to entertainment, communication tools and a dial-by-picture photo caller ID screen.The HTC Touch takes advantage of Sprint’s broadband network and lets users access the Sprint Music Store for over-the-air song downloads. You can also watch Sprint TV featuring 50 live and on-demand channels of audio and video. The phone offers a MicroSD memory card slot that supports up to 4GB capacity, and comes bundled with a 512MB card.A basic 2 MPx camera with 5x zoom (and video capability) is thrown in. There’s also stereo Bluetooth and voice-activated dialing. The HTC Touch measures 4″ x 2.4″ x 0.6” and weighs in at just 4 oz. Priced at US $249.99 (along with a 2 year service agreement), there’s a $100 rebate as well. There’s no “unlimited” data plan, instead standard data rates will apply for music/content downloads.” via

Software features of Sony Ericsson A200

“Apart from traditional vertically arranged sub-menus, the maker has provided subject-based horizontal tabs. It means that while viewing a list of the dialed numbers, one can see not only the dialed numbers but in the same time (by leaning the joystick horizontally) switch between missed and received call tabs. In the phone menu this kind of navigation is provided anywhere it’s possible and it makes for much better usage experience. The menu ergonomics is quite high in this phone. I also have to note that such horizontal tabs appear in Phonebook, Settings and other menu items as well.” Read more here:

Sanyo W54SA: a TV slider with VGA!

“Today the Japanese operator KDDI has unveiled a new Sanyo phone featuring a big 3” widescreen VGA display made under IPS technology (In-Plate Switching). IPS displays stand out for wide viewing angles, high contrast and short matrix feedback.The W54SA supports digital TV-programs.The short technical specs of Sanyo W54SA:
Dimensions: 50x106x18.9 mm
Weight: 144 g
Main display: widescreen 3”, IPS, 480×800 pixels
Camera: 3.18-megapixel with auto focus
Connectivity: Bluetooth, IrDA (IrSimple)
microSD cards
3D games” via