Opera Link Connects Mobile and Desktop Web Browsers

“While mobile web usage is growing, an issue that seems to constantly pop up is how to synchronize shared content between mobile web browsers and their desktop counterparts. Opera Software seeks to do this through its new Opera Link solution. This is a combination of a MyOpera account and the desktop and mobile versions of the Opera web browser. By working together, these allow users to have the same bookmarks appear on both the desktop version of Opera and on devices that use Opera Mini/Opera Mobile.In order to use the Opera Link service, users need to set up a MyOpera account and download the latest beta of Opera for desktops and laptops (version 9.5). Upon opening Opera, choose the menu option “synchronize bookmarks”. Login information will be asked for the MyOpera account, and then the bookmarks will be synced to that account.Then, from a smartphone the user needs to download and install Opera Mini 4 Beta and go to the menu option for “synchronizing bookmarks”. The bookmarks from the desktop version of Opera will then appear on the mobile device.Devices with a browser that does not support Opera Link can view synced bookmarks by going to link.opera.com and then clicking on the list of links there.” via brighthand.com

Psion Teklogix Unveils Its Rugged PDA iKon

ignifying the dawn of a new era in the PDA marketplace, Psion Teklogix (LSE:PON), a global provider of solutions for mobile computing, wireless data collection, imaging and RFID, announced its return to the market it pioneered over 20 years ago, launching today its newest product, the rugged PDA – iKon.A sleek, compact and powerful design with robust built-in functionality, iKon is an ideal mobile computing device, delivering increased productivity and efficiency by enabling advanced mobile applications across the enterprise.”We’re extremely proud to be launching iKon today, a day when we’re also celebrating our 40th year of existence in a very exciting marketplace,” said Psion Teklogix CEO Jacky Lecuivre. “iKon is the most advanced handheld computer our company has ever brought to market. It is a very synergistic addition to our portfolio as it enables us to truly address the needs of mobile workers, helping them do their jobs with the best possible mobile computing support.” He added, “With the launch of this new rugged PDA, the company continues to evolve in the best Psion tradition. We are universally acknowledged with having created the PDA, with the introduction of the original Psion Organiser in 1984, and today we’re proving how our past is indeed the way to our future.”Customers and partners worldwide were solicited for input and feedback on the types of capabilities they expect in a rugged PDA. “We listened to our customers, to the point where they became an integral part of the design and features definition process. Consequently, initial market reaction to our prototypes has been immensely positive and we are extremely optimistic about the prospects for iKon,” said Lecuivre.iKon packs incredible functionality into a compact form factor with class-leading ergonomics, aesthetics, and ease of use. Whether reading barcodes with the integrated imager or scanner, or using the camera to take a colour picture, iKon is a category-leading data capture device ideal for mobile workers in dynamic applications. With a choice of three operating systems, including Microsoft Windows CE .NET 5, Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Classic and Professional, iKon offers customers an industry standard, yet leading edge platform for their applications.The capability of iKon to fully integrate voice and data communication options onto a single device eliminates the need for multiple devices – effectively reducing capital expenditures as well as support costs. iKon delivers true anytime, anywhere, wireless voice and data communications, GPS positioning, with simultaneous WiFi, Cellular (GSM/GPRS/UMTS) and Bluetooth connectivity options. These features enable real-time information management, improved efficiencies and increased asset visibility across a customer’s operations. With a full VGA display, iKon is more suitable for complex applications with sophisticated graphics than many competing devices with one-quarter VGA displays. Finally, the highest battery capacity of the market ensures full-day productivity for mobile workers.International consulting firm Capgemini is already seeing the benefits of iKon as the company is planning to work with its client, Hydro One Networks, in Ontario, Canada, to pilot the new device on a large Smart Meter project. Hydro One Networks owns and operates one of the ten largest electricity transmission and distribution systems in North America.iKon will be used by Hydro One installers, alongside other Psion Teklogix rugged PDAs already being used, to support the smart meter installations – part of the provincial government initiative to have electricity distribution companies install smart meters in all homes and small business by 2010.”We’re excited to be among the early adaptors of this great new device. With its rugged design and multi-mode capabilities, iKon will help in our efforts to create a culture of energy conservation across the province of Ontario,” said Gord Reynolds, the Capgemini Program Manager of Field Services for the Smart Meter Project at Hydro One. Capgemini, one of the world’s foremost providers of Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing services, enables its clients to transform and perform through technologies.iKon will be available to customers through Psion Teklogix’ global sales offices and value-added resellers in December 2007.