Review of QWERTY communicator HTC TyTN II

“Remember the original TyTN with its grey casing and minimalist design. Back then HTC was after only one thing – a no-nonsense device that wouldn’t put people off. That’s the reason its design came out quite insipid and overly severe. To rectify the letdown of its predecessor, the TyTN II enjoys a very fitting solution – it combines differently patterned plastic types and metal. The front plate, the display rim and key frames are all made of metal, while the casing utilizes plastic finished in a way to resemble a chrome-coated surface. The inners of the phone make use of dark-grey plastic, and a glossy plastic strip runs all around the edge of the TyTN II. In fact, the latter proved to be the most disputable design component – half of those who played around with the model loved it, while others deemed it pointless. ” Read more here:

3 launches new Skype mobile phone

“Mobile phone provider 3 has launched a new handset that will allow users to make free calls over the internet via telephony service Skype. Users will also be able to use Skype’s instant messaging service, 3 said. But while people using Skype on their computers are able to make cheap global calls to any phone number, this will not be possible via the new 3 handset. Skype has about 246 million registered users worldwide and is one of the firms reshaping the global phone industry.To date, mobile phone companies have been unwilling to let users freely access Skype via their handsets for fear that it would hurt their business. While it is possible to access Skype from a number of handsets, this has involved downloading third-party software, something that has put off the majority of users. The Skype-phone will be the first instance of a phone operator launching a mass market device that is designed to allow free calling over the internet from a mobile, 3 said. “It takes an innovative operator… to challenge traditional thinking and offer the kind of product other operators are still shying away from,” said Skype’s acting chief executive, Michael van Swaaij. “It’s is now truly mobile. Skype has now taken a giant step forward in the mobile arena. And chief executive of 3 UK, Kevin Russell, said the firm wanted to make mobile internet more accessible. “Services need to be simple to access and affordable,” he said. “Mobile has the potential to massively increase access to internet calling.” The service, launching on 2 November, will be accessed by a button on the handset. As well as the UK, the 3 Skype-phone will be launched in countries including Australia, Denmark, Italy and Hong Kong. Pay as you go customers will have to top up their account with at least 10P each month to qualify for the free Skype-to-Skype calls, 3 said. ” via