NTT DoCoMo introduces 23 new models in 905i and 705i series

Today Japan’s mobile service provider NTT DoCoMo introduced 23 models in 905i and 705i series, which will be available in a total of 70 colors.All ten 905i handsets will feature some advanced and convenient functions, i.e. 3G/GSM roaming, HSDPA, “One-segment” digital TV, GPS navigation, enhanced 2-in-1 service, DCMX (credit card payment system) and iD (credit payment). The operator notes that the 905i series has upgraded value of the current models. In addition the 905i series is compatible with the new “Area mail” disaster information service aimed to provide people caught in disaster areas with vital information. The 705i series includes 13 slim handsets with sophisticated design and array of full-spec functions. The series comprises the world’s slimmest clamshell and waterproof handsets and the slimmest “One-segment” models. The D905i, F905i, N905i, P905i, SH905i, SO905i and N905iμ are scheduled for November 26, 2007. The operator will launch the Cyber-shot SO905iCS, AQUOS SH905iTV and D705iμ, N705iμ, P705iμ, D705i, F705i, L705i, N705i, P705i during January-February 2008. And the NM705i, SH705i, SO705i and PROSOLID μ (P705iCL) should start in February, and the VIERA P905iTV and L705iX – in February-March 2008.

TechFaith Launches WCDMA/GSM Dual Mode Phone

TechFait-Twins-Cell-Phone_large “China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited announced the launch of the world’s first WCDMA/GSM dual mode phone.Twins, the name of the dual mode phone is the first cell phone that allows users to load one WCDMA card and one GSM card or to load dual GSM SIM cards. This is a feature long demanded by international travelers, as well as people who would like to have both a business and a personal number in one cell phone. Twins’ set of features includes a 2.0 megapixel camera, MP3 and MPEG4 player, WCDMA modem, along with both video call and dual Bluetooth capabilities.” via