Samsung SPH M4650 WMcommunicator released in Korea

Sp3220070418134139“Samsung Electronics has announced the Korean release of the SPH-M4650 Multi-touch communicator. It is running on Windows Mobile 6 Professional. Being called Multi-touch it has a big touch sensitive display and no keyboard – it looks as a Samsung’s rival to Apple iPhone. However the device is mainly stylus-operated, not finger-based, though its interface resembles that of the iPhone.Other specs of Samsung SPH-M4650 are as follows:
2.8” touchscreen
2-megapixel camera
DMB TV-tuner
16 mm thickness
The communicator will be offered for 500000 Won (about $550).” via

Access Linux Platform (ALP) First Thoughts at brighthand!

“To me, the most important feature in this operating system is its compatibility with legacy Palm OS applications. Access has built a compatibility engine called GHost into ALP that handles this task.I can attest to the fact that it really works. The guys from Access showed me a Palm OS application running on an evaluation device, and it worked fine, even though the smartphone had a QVGA screen. This is a different screen resolution than the software had been designed for, but ALP scaled it down.But this OS doesn’t stop with legacy software. Developers have the option of writing native applications specifically for ALP, plus it includes a Java virtual machine (JVM). All three types of applications are displayed together in the program launcher, not segregated by type.” Read more here:

20.4 million Symbian OS handsets ship in Q3 2007

Sp3220070418134139“Symbian today announced its latest set of figures. In Q3 2007 20.4 million Symbian OS handsets were shipped representing 56% year on year growth (13 million in Q3 2006). The total number of Symbian OS handset shipped has now reached 165 million. The average royalty per handset is now $4.80 (down from $5.20 last year following license fee reductions).Symbian also highlighted a number of announcements that have occurred during the last quarter including: The usual round up of newly shipping and forthcoming devices. More than 200 different phones running Symbian have now shipped during Symbian’s lifetime. Announcement of FreePlay, ScreenPlay and Symmetric Multi-Processing. Motorola taking a 50% stake in UIQ. The usual ecosystem metrics: 8,314 third party Symbian applications commercially available, an increase of 36% on the year to 30 September 2006. Symbian OS market share of devices running on NTT DoCoMo’s FOMA network in Japan grew from 50% to 65% in the year to June 30th. Opening of a Chinese R&D lab by Symbian and activities with Chinese universities in the Symbian Academy program.Nigel Clifford, Symbian’s CEO, said:”Symbian continues to lead the global smartphone market in Q3 2007 with our licensees shipping 20.4 million Symbian smartphones worldwide resulting in a healthy growth of 56% since Q3 last year. Our licensees, the world’s leading handset manufacturers, have now shipped 165 million Symbian smartphones cumulatively and are benefiting from the performance and features of Symbian OS while being able to substantially differentiate their devices. Licensees are using Symbian OS as their preferred operating system for the next generation of converged mobile devices and continue to deploy Symbian OS in mass market phones.” Further information and statistics are available in the press release . ” Thanks to allaboutsymbian for this report..