Documents to Go Gets Full Office 2007 Support For Palm OS

“DataViz, Inc. has just released a new version of Documents To Go Premium Edition that is first Palm OS solution to offer complete Microsoft Office 2007 file support. An earlier version allowed users to view Office 2007 documents in their native formats, but with today’s release this suite of applications now allows people to view, edit, and create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 files. Office 2007 is the most significant upgrade in this suite of applications in about a decade, leading to big changes in the associated file formats. The latest version uses a new Extensible Markup Language (XML) based file format, Open XML, which was designed to facilitate data exchange between different information systems. This required DataViz to make big changes in Documents To Go to support the new formats.Naturally, this application allows users to edit and save Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents from earlier versions of Microsoft Office in their native formats, too. Documents To Go Premium Edition 10.002 sells for $50 and is available directly from DataViz. Customers who purchased version 10.001 with the capability to view Word and Excel 2007 files can get the upgrade at no additional cost. Those who have a previous version of Documents To Go, including people who got it bundled with their handheld or smartphone, can upgrade for $30. ” via

TMobile Sidekick Slide power off problem sales suspended

“T-Mobile USA suspended sales of the T-Mobile Sidekick Slide earlier this evening, November 16, after Motorola confirmed that some Sidekick Slide might inadvertently power off when the slide door on the front of the phone is opened or closed. As of right now, Motorola is clueless as to the root cause of the power cycle issue, but they’re doing everything humanly possible to get to the bottom of this problem.Sidekick Slide owners experiencing the unintended power cycle issue should contact T-Mobile Customer Care, or run to the nearest T-Mobile retail store, for help and to discuss available options (hmm, maybe not buy another phone made by Motorola?)” via

Asus R50A UMPC, the official info

“Now it’s official. “The R50A is the first UMPC that reaches the full potential of the platform.” …so it’s UMPC, not a MID.Only with the R50A do users get GPS, a webcam, 3G/ 3.5G connectivity, and full notebook functionality, making the R50A the one indispensable gadget for everyone. The R50A’s customizable, mission-based application launcher organizes software programs into categories and makes navigating between tasks simple. The unit’s built-in TV tuner allows you to enjoy your favorite TV shows anywhere.The R50A will offer 3/ 3.5G connectivity. Users have full access to their data anywhere. The R50A’s built-in webcam and microphone let users capture photos, video and audio wherever they are, and enable wire-free video communication. The R50A has ample power to support the most popular office and productivity applications. With ASUS InfoPen software, users can record and edit on the R50A’s 1024 x 600 screen as easily as they could on a piece of paper. ASUS brings you the first UMPC with built-in GPS. Users no longer need to deal with paper maps or ask for directions. Link up seamlessly to Google Maps, and the R50A will know your exact location. ” via