BlackJack II Surfaces, GPS Confirmed!

“When we had our hands-on with the BlackJack II a month ago, the AT&T reps at CTIA weren’t exactly helpful on the subject of just what flavor of GPS was onboard – was it real or was it the tower-triangulation-fake-out kind. Well it’s starting to look like it’s really real for sure, at least according to the “coming soon” info now popping up on AT&T’s website.In one spot we see “GPS support,” but poking around more reveals “integrated GPS” and PDADB tells us it’s SIRF III. Boom. Still no word on whether they’ve really managed to lock it down to just TeleNav (as was hinted to us at the CTIA conference), but let’s hope not.Otherwise the specs remain what we expected: slightly better than the original but not mind-blowingly better. You should be able to go get yours on Friday.Oh, and AT&T – just one more thing. This doesn’t count as the promised upgrade of the original Blackjack to Windows Mobile 6. We’re all still waiting for that one. Remember us – your customers? You know, the ones who were disappointed when we thought it was delayed until Q3? (ah, if only we would have had it in Q3). Yeah, we’re still here. Mmmhmm, yep, that’s right, we didn’t forget. You going to release that anytime soon?” via

New Nokia N810 Internet Tablet hits store shelves

Nokia announced today that the new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet has begun shipping nationwide in the United States. With a new slide-out keyboard, built-in GPS, digital audio/video playback and Wi-Fi capability for VoIP calling, the Nokia N810 provides the functionality of a traditional computer but all in one sleek, stylish and portable device. “More than ever, people want to bring their online communities with them wherever they go – whether it’s on vacation, a business trip, or just around their neighborhood – and the pocketable Nokia N810 Internet Tablet lets consumers do just this,” said Bill Plummer, Vice President, Multimedia, Nokia North America. “As consumer demand increases for new multimedia experiences, Nokia is taking the leadership position to create new devices that meet this demand and maximize the experience for the user.” The Nokia N810 provides a premier, portable internet experience with its large color display, touchpad screen, slide-out keyboard, 400 MHz processor, Mozilla-based browser and up to 10GB of memory (an optional 8GB memory card combined with 2GB internal memory). To access the Internet, users simply connect via the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot or over Bluetooth on a mobile phone. Connecting to the Internet allows the user to stay connected with friends and family through VoIP calling, instant messaging and e-mail. Users can also access their online communities by checking Facebook or Flickr accounts and see what’s new in the lives of those they care about. With up to 45 hours of music playback, storage for up to 7,500 songs* and built-in GPS, the Nokia N810 is perfect for the person on the go. The Nokia N810 comes with free maps preloaded for users to browse detailed locations, search for street addresses, find various points of interest (POI) as well as nearby Wi-Fi hotspots. Wayfinder will offer subscription based service for navigation over the Maps application; a 3-year license for $129.99 available in December. The Nokia N810 is powered by maemo Linux-based OS2008, updatable in December also on the Nokia N800, the earlier internet tablet generation hardware. The maemo Linux-based OS2008 features a highly customizable user interface and contains various novelties such as a Mozilla based browser with Ajax and Adobe flash 9, Bluetooth headset support as well as enhanced video and audio features. The refreshed Video Gizmo, Skype and Rhapsody highlight some of the most popular downloads available while Boingo Wireless, Earthlink and The Cloud enable Wi-Fi connectivity, across thousands of different locations globally. The Nokia N810 is available at consumer electronics and wireless retailers in key markets, such as select Best Buy Mobile retailers, CompUSA, Micro Center, and the Nokia Flagship stores in Chicago and New York, and a growing number of online retailers including,,, and The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $479 USD. Photos of the Nokia N810 can be found at *Capacity based on 3:45 per song and 128 kbps MP3 encoding.