CrazySoft's The Final Battle review at palmaddict!

Finalbattle13_2 “Over the years, I have purchased several of CrazySoft’s products. CrazySoft has a reputation for producing some of the most entertaining, quality puzzle, action and adventure games for PDA’s of various cross-platforms. Their latest addition, The Final Battle, is their most ambitious entry into the PDA gaming market. The Final Battle is a quest-adventure where you begin the game having awakened in a prison. However, you are stricken with amnesia and don’t know who you are, much less how you ended up in jail. The game requires that you be on top of your mental game as it entails the use of your cognitive as well as your best, deductive skills. However, fans of “Lost in the Pyramid” know that the journey is a light-hearted one as characters are encouraged along by the great humorous interactions that prods game-players onward! ” Read more about the best adventure game of the year here:

LG Voyager Review at phonearena!

Click to see a large image.“The Voyager is a clamshell style phone, just like the enV, constructed mostly out of black plastic with chrome accents. It feels durable and solid, and should hold up to everyday use. The exterior front is a fingerprint magnet, but the back has the same soft-touch coating that we’ve seen on several Motorola phones. When you are holding onto it, you can feel that it is slightly wider than the enV, but when placed it in your pants pocket, it feels about the same size and weight. Even thought it is larger than most other devices, such as the V9m, there are a lot of features packed into the Voyager, which justifies its size.” Read more here:

From Symbian S60 to iPhone!

AAS on the iPhone “Apple has developed a polished retail division, where buying consumer electronics is akin to shopping in a high-end boutique; it was naive of me to expect any of that to have rubbed off onto Carphone Warehouse. I was served just after the doors opened at 6.02pm, but unfortunately at that moment all of CPW’s chip and pin servers went on the blink. The staff hit the panic button, and the fall-back system was implemented – which itself failed. Finally, they decided to accept real money in contravention of Apple’s orders (cue a mad run to the cash point), but insisted that I leave my credit card overnight and return in the morning with proof of address! Through gritted teeth I did so, and left the shop an hour after entering, only to have to return at 10am to finally complete the transaction. Not a good start.” Read this nice article here: