Nokia led DVBH to be EU mobile TV standard

“Nokia-led norm, DVB-H, will be the European Union’s standard for mobile television broadcasting, the European Commission said as it tries to boost the fledgling mobile phone broadcasting sector.”DVB-H will be published by the Commission in the list of official EU standards,” the EU’s executive said in a statement.”As a result, all EU Member States will have to support and encourage the use of DVB-H for the launch of mobile TV services, thus avoiding market fragmentation and allowing economies of scale and accordingly affordable services and devices,” it said.Some EU states, led by Britain, Germany and the Netherlands opposed the move. But a Commission official said they did not gather enough support to block it at a meeting of EU telecoms ministers on Thursday.” via

Nokia N82 preview at mobile

“On the other hand, this phone focuses on the imaging department – its N-Gage functionality, as well as default applications for the latest generation of S60-powered handsets, only indicate that this is another “do-it-all” offering with knack for photography. This model is designed for those who still haven’t got a Nokia N95 in their pockets for some reason, yet need a pretty good phone with a potent camera onboard. Also, all candy-bar style buffs will feel content with the N82, since it is the handset’s very conventional design that seems to be quaint for this end of the NSeries. Its rushed release also indicates that the model will be all the range pretty soon – its price curve will match that of the Sony Ericsson K850i, ensuring some serious rivalry between the two. ” Read more here: