Windows Mobile 6.1 video walkthrough at boygeniusreport!

“You waited, and waited for it, so we’re finally bringing it to you! Check out our hands-on video of Windows Mobile 6.1, where we take you through all the new features we’ve found so far. In case you forgot them, we’ve got ’em below! Copy / Paste (finally!) Domain Enroll in Settings (Enrolling in a domain will connect your device with company resources.) New home screen (pan left and right to check out missed calls, notifications like email, sms, etc.) Change Master Security Code Added text input settings Recent Programs when pressing Start menu Threaded SMS! When you compose an email, or SMS, and start typing the name of the contact in the “To:” field, the contact names finally pop up like Windows Mobile Professional! Internet Explorer now lets you define a homepage, and also zoom in and out using a nice and clean interface Task Manager now shows CPU usage as a whole, and also lists it by process Internet Explorer offers 6 zoom modes and copy / paste functionality IE also uses a new font, which looks worlds better ActiveSync will now try to automatically configure your Exchange settings once you enter an email address Wi-Fi indicator in the status bar, just as in Windows Mobile Professional New “Vista” home screen and theme” via

Samsung SPH W2400 with AMOLED display release in Korea

“Samsung Electronics has launched to the Korean market a special version of the SPH-W2400 with an AMOLED-display. Iā€™d remind you that the SPH-W2400 hit the stores in Korea this June. This is a slider with a hinge display. It can work in GSM and supports 3G with HSDPA. The phone also features a 2.3ā€ display, a 2-megapixel camera, an integrated MP3-player, a microSD slot, a TV-out and Bluetooth interface. Samsung SPH-W2400 supports T-DMB digital broadcasting.Samsung SPH-W2400 Special Edition with an AMOLED-display is already available on the Korean market. The device comes in the limited edition ā€“ only 1000 models offered at the recommended price of 500-600 thousand Won (approx. $537-645).” via