Palm Treo 755p Now Available on Verizon Wireless

“For all of you patiently awaiting a Verizon Wireless Treo 755p, the hour has struck. Now everything you know and enjoy about the Treo 755p smartphone is available on Verizon Wireless, including: Internal antenna, slimmer form factor and mini-SD slot (up to 4GB SD card) Built-in Microsoft Direct Push Technology that delivers automatic updates to Outlook email as well as support for Global Address Lookup and IT policies like remoate data wipe Integrated Google Maps built into the ROM, right out of the boxPlus with this version you’ll find: New Azure Green color with soft-touch feel Treo Voice Dialing software included in box – place a call with the sound of your voice and keep your hands on the wheel. Available through bonus software.The big question many of you may be wondering is, “What took you son long?!?!” Great question! In the mobile phone business, devices have a long way to travel to reach the market. Different carriers have different requirements and test cycles, so time to market is not always aligned across carriers. The Palm Treo 755p from Verizon Wireless is available now at Verizon Wireless business channels and online at and Palm.” via

Quickoffice Premier 5.0 Review For Symbian S60!

Hand“First there was Psion. The Series 3 (and then Series 5) range of palmtops had Word and Sheet built-in, terrifically powerful, desktop-class office applications. With the passing of the Psion era, Nokia, which had inherited the EPOC/Symbian platform, took the raw Word and Sheet code and adapted it for their Communicator line. Most (but not all) of the functionality was still there, but there was a feeling that a degree of simplification had taken place. By the time of the launch of the 9500, even spell check functions had been removed. And, to add to the problems, the old Word/Sheet codebase handled only Office 97 files and even these somewhat clumsily, since this had been added in since the heyday of Psion.In parallel to this, Quickoffice had become a major player in the Palm OS scene, offering an alternative to Documents To Go and suffering somewhat from Palm’s deal to have a version of DTG in most handhelds. Not surprisingly, Quickoffice diversified to other platforms, first to Symbian/UIQ and then to S60. Nokia must have liked the basic Quickoffice 3 viewers, as they quickly licensed them and these have appeared in almost all S60 handsets produced in the last two years. Users could then upgrade the viewers to the full editing suite if they wished.” Read more here: