LG Shine Review at phonearena!

“Sliding it open or closed is easy thanks to a spring mechanism that takes over once the slider is half-way opened or closed. Once open, the keypad is revealed which has a strong resemblance to the RAZR minus the reflection. All the buttons are crammed together in this tight space and are a bit small. The design separating each key is slightly raised and easily felt even when not looking at the handset. The biggest annoyance is that the call, hang-up, and back keys are all the way at the top of the keypad. With small fingers, it isn’t a problem to press them but for those who have bigger ones, the top of the finger has to be used. Despite their crammed design and small size, the keypad isn’t as uncomfortable to use as one might think. Each button is easy to press and gives back strong feedback in both feel and sound.” Read more here:

PQI Traveling Disk i201 slimmest flash drives

“PQI has announced compact and slim flash drives – Traveling Disk i201. They involve Intelligent Stick patent interface and are fully compatible with USB 2.0. The drives carry from 1 to 4 GB of memory onboard. They are available in 3 “tasty” color solutions: Strawberry Rose, Banana Yellow and Bilberry.The Travel Disk i201 is just 2.7 mm thick and weighs 1.35 g. Besides it features resistance to moist, dust and shock. You can download protection and synchronization software from the PQI site. The new ultra slim drives will debut at CES 2008 in January.” via mobile-review.com