ASUS M530w communicator in orange!

“Looks like Asus is starting to make good on it’s promises to deliver 25 new mobile handsets in 2008.It’s only the second day of the year and we already can tell you about the second old/new communicator – Asus M530W – in a new 2008 Asus handset line-up. (The first one being Asus M930W, we told you about before Christmas)Asus M530W comes in a traditional PDA phone form factor with full QWERTY keyboard, and does away with the boring black/grey colors in favor of the fresh White/Orange tones:Asus M530W Communicator specs include: 3G connectivity ARM11 390 MHz CPU Windows Mobile 6 OS 2.4″ 65K color QVGA display (no touchscreen) 2 megapixel camera with LED flash microSD (up to 2GB) memory card support min-USB/Bluetooth connectivity 120mAh battery Dimensions: 11x65x13.8mm Push e-mail support” via

Speed Boost! the Nokia N95 8GB hits v15 firmware

“Nokia has released a speed-boosting and bug fixing firmware update for their N95 8GB flagship. v15.0.015 is pictured below (previous was v11) and is available now from Nokia Software Update (depending on your region and operator branding, of course).OK, after an hour or so of v15, it seems that this is a speed-fixing update. Welcome, but no extra functionality that I can see.
The likes of Gallery and Search are now both faster and also kept resident in memory (even after pressing ‘Exit’), in the same was as Contacts, so that they’re much more responsive when needed.
Speed of access to the integral 8GB flash memory disk has been improved. Doing an ‘Image store’ from PC Suite only took 30 seconds to scan my device, rather than several minutes on v11 firmware.
Bugs have obviously been quoshed under the hood. In particular, the one that was stopping lots of third party themes working has gone – PiZero’s New Gold, here I come 😎
More as I find it. Or as you guys and gals tell me about it…. 😎 In summary though, this is a very worthwhile update that has me more impressed than ever with the N95 8GB. The apps use the huge RAM to good purpose and there are very few irritations left, other than the lack of mechanical protection for the camera glass. This device is getting close, very close, to my perfect smartphone – good job, Nokia.” via