The boy genius has got the scoop on Vodafone’s whole 2008 lineup!

“Remember the BlackBerry 9000? It looks like that wasn’t a BlackBerry 9000 at all, but rather another device in the BlackBerry 8000-series! According to this document, which completely validates all our predictions of specs for the device, the BlackBerry 8xxx will see a commercial launch on Vodafone in May of this year. The specs one more time? 624MHz processor built on the new Tavor chipset, full HSDPA with tri-band UMTS (850/1900/2100), a “half VGA” screen (480 x 320), a frickin’ 1500mAh battery, GPS, Wi-Fi, a 2 megapixel camera, and will be targeted to the high-end BlackBerry users. Again, we’re looking at a May release for Vodafone, so we can’t imagine AT&T is going to be far behind, they might even get it before! Hit the jump for the full slide! More … What’s a Nokia Liam, you say? It’s about to replace the Nokia E61i in a smaller and more stylish design! Check it: quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS/HSDPA (the actual bands are not specified so we won’t count on USA 3G at first), a 3.2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 320×320 QVGA 2.36″ display, obviously a full QWERTY ‘board, integrated GPS, and a front-facing camera for video calling. So far we’ve got it pegged for a Q2 ‘08 release date, but you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be hearing more about this real soon. Full slide, after the jump! More … Been a Palm fan forever but feel you’re getting quite shafted lately? We’d agree. So let’s see if the Palm Drucker can change any of that! To start it off, the Palm Drucker is going to rock quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE with a tri-band UMTS/HSDPA radio! It will sport the new Windows Mobile 6.1, but this is going to be a Windows Mobile Professional device! It even finally has a 320×320 screen! There’s a full QWERTY keyboard, 1500mAh battery to handle the power, a 2 megapixel shooter, GPS, Wi-Fi, and the usual Bluetooth 2.0. Look for this to replace the aging Palm Treo 750v, and be released around July of 2008 for ₤270. Full slide after the break! More … HP has fell off for a little bit, but it looks like they might be coming out swingin’. Set to debut also in July, is the HP Silver. It’s a Windows Mobile 6 Standard device, that supports HSUPA! They’re using a 320×240 screen but with a “RIM SureType” keyboard. Virtual BlackBerry OS, anyone? GPS and Wi-Fi aren’t left out, and while it doesn’t specifically state there is Bluetooth, we’d wager on it being included. ₤250 for the HP Silver. Going once, going twice! Fullness after the break! More … If you don’t feel like dropping some serious coin on one of the other Vodafone devices we’ve showed you, this little Windows Mobile phone might be just up your alley. Set to be priced at ₤120, it doesn’t skimp on too many of the necessities. You won’t find 3G here, but you will get Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, GPS, a full QWERTY keyboard, 1.3 megapixel camera, and a decent 320×240 display. The only issue? You’ll be waiting until September to get your grubby mitts on this sucker right here! Check it out up close, after the jump! More … This looks like the first BlackBerry Pearl 2 Vodafone’s going to get, and you shouldn’t have to wait much longer. We’re hearing rumblings of a…yeah, right! It’s right on the slide, and it’s a January release date! This particular model in the BlackBerry Pearl lineup is one we told you about, and that’s the BlackBerry Pearl 8110. This particular model incorporates GPS, but not Wi-Fi. Nothing looks out of place here, so you should fine the regular quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE radio in there, along with a 2 megapixel camera, SureType, and everything else. There doesn’t seem to be a price listed which is a little strange given the release timeframe, but we’re guessing it won’t hurt your pockets too much. More … Ch-ch-check it out, y’all! The Nokia Dora in door numero uno! This bad beast is the successor to the Nokia E65. Improving on a bunch of missing features from the original version, you’ll now be able to enjoy things such as GPS and a 3.2 megapixel camera. You’ve also got a front-facing video call camera, Wi-Fi, a quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE radio with UMTS/HSDPA (3G bands are not specified), and you got your standard Bluetooth. Last thing? How about a 320×320 display. Sound good? We’re all looking at a Q2 release, and you can expect to shell out ₤280 for it on Vodafone. As usual, the full goods are after the break! More … Nope, we’re not talking about a tree here! It looks as if the HP Silver won’t be the only HP handset sporting some HSUPA action. You now have a pretty decent line, with the Standard version, and now the Professional one making the rounds. The HP Oak sports a nifty slide-out QWERTY keyboard with a traditional number pad on the front, in addition to integrated GPS and Wi-Fi. We’re not really judging here, but it looks like you might have some difficulty with that 1010mAh battery. Release date? Thought you’d never ask! September, guys. It’s a long way to go, and 260 couldn’t come soon enough. Whittle the HP Oak, so to speak, after the jump! More … We told you there are devices, as in plural, remember? The second exclusive Palm handset we’ve got the info on is codenamed the Palm Wanda. Think of it as a cross between the Palm Centro and the HTC Touch. No, like really, look at the backside on that thing! It looks to be a standard affair, running Windows 6.1, well, Standard. Hit that with a tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE radio (boo!) and some UMTS/HSDPA action, and you’ve got a Palm Wanda. A 2 megapixel camera, QWERTY keyboard, and GPS are also not left out of the equation. Vodafone said it themselves, this is the successor to the Treo 500v! You know we roll, after the jumpage! More … ” Great work from the