First glimpse inside nokia S60 Touch, going beyond multi touch!

“By now, probably everyone who cares, knows that Nokia is working on a next generation, Apple Multi-Touch like user interface – Nokia S60 Touch. But beyond pretty video pictures and generic headings like ” new sensor framework”, “UI accelerator kit”, etc; Nokia is pretty tight lipped about how the new S60 Touch will actually work.And then there’s the issue of iPhone and Apple’s patents, which seam to cover lots of Multi-Touch UI related things.Well, today I’ve got my hands on one interesting Nokia Touch User Interface patent, filed in June 2007, about six months after the iPhone announcement. And I’m impressed.” Read more here:

Panasonic Showcases its 32GB SDHC Memory Card Prototype

32gb_sdhc “Panasonic today announced the development of the 32 Gigabyte (GB) SD High Capacity (SDHC) Memory Card with Class 6 speed specification. With the ability to store up to eight hours of High Definition video, the 32GB SDHC Memory Card prototype will be showcased at the 2008 International CES in Las Vegas from January 7-10 at the Panasonic booth #9405. The newly developed card, featuring a massive 32GB of capacity is ideal for AVCHD High Definition video recording, which is experiencing growing demand with the recent expansion of High Definition SD Camcorders. With double the storage capacity of the current 16GB card, the 32GB card is able to record approximately eight hours of 1440 x 1080i High Definition video and approximately five hours and 20 minutes of 1920 x 1080i full High Definition video. With the Class 6 speed specification and maximum data transfer speeds up to 20MB/s, the 32GB card allows users to enjoy superb performance and high-quality recording. The card is also equipped with a new user-friendly labeling feature, which allows users to write titles or comments directly onto labels on the front and back of the card. Panasonic is planning to introduce the new labeling feature in its other SD Memory Card models, with a running changeover from the current card designs in spring 2008. The arrival of Panasonic’s 32GB model further strengthens its Pro High Speed line-up which currently has five models available: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB card sizes with the Class 6 speed specification.”via

Free Application Lets iPhone Users Track and Manage Finances on the Go

iphone-wesabe.jpg “You may have heard about the Spendometer from MoneyBasics, which helps control your finances through a simple java application. Wesabe brings a similar concept to the popular Apple iPhone, via a web application, customized for the iPhone, at no cost.Wesabe is a great service that helps members get the most from their money by sharing information about where they spend and links them to a dedicated community to help each other make smart financial decisions. It currently tracks billions of dollars in member transactions and is the largest member-owned transaction in the world. It supports banks in 30 countries and provides automatic conversion of 36 currencies. Wesabe Mobile is a new service launched last month, which lets members monitor their account status and transactions for thousands of banks and credit cards worldwide, all on the member’s cell phone. It also gives members the opportunity to record and track where and how they are spending cash. Members can access Wesabe Mobile by pointing their browser to Wesabe Mobile, members can:-View a single list of all their bank and credit card account balances anytime they want.-See any transactions that have posted to their accounts. Just as the iPhone’s email application lets users view as many emails as they’d like, allows members to see as many transactions as they want.-Enter cash purchases they’ve made while shopping.Wesabe can also be accessed on other cell phones by going to on the mobile browser.Member data is completely private and safe as Wesabe utilizes SSL connnections and authentication and all account balances and transactions are encrypted.”A number of our members are iPhone users, so we wanted to optimize and enhance Wesabe Mobile to give them the best interface possible. We do not and will not charge for this service — we believe people should have open, free access to their banking data,” said Jason Knight, CEO of Wesabe.” via