Unlocked Palm OS Treo 680 Updated Posted

“Palm has posted a new ROM update for users of the unlocked GSM Treo 680 smartphone. The version 1.12 software update offers Microsoft Exchange Direct Push Technology, power saving enhancements, support for larger SD & SDHC cards, enhanced ringtone support and incorporates previous updates and security patches. The full description of updates from Palm includes: Corporate email as it arrives – Have your corporate email delivered to you with Microsoft Direct Push Technology. Accept or decline meeting invites and access your company directory on the go. Power saving enhancements – Helps conserve battery life with improved power management and updated default system power preferences. Supports larger expansion cards – Supports up to 4GB SD expansion cards (including the SDHC format), sold separately. Enhanced ringtone support – MP3 and other sound files purchased from the web or sent from friends can now be set as ringtones and alerts (formats: MP3, AAC, AAC+, MIDI, WAV, and AMR). Three updates in one – This update incorporates three previously released software updates: Treo 680 Camera Update (January 2007), Treo 680 Security Patch (May 2007), and Treo 680 Unlocked GSM smartphone SMS Update (July 2007).This update is intended for unlocked devices only. AT&T/Cingular Treo 680 users can download the AT&T Treo 680 Feature Update released in early December.” via palminfocenter.com

Asus have officially unveiled their M930 Smartphone / Communicator style hybrid

“Not expect to ship until March at the earliest (after it’s official unveiling at CEBIT), the M930 features:- Windows Mobile 6 Standard- TI TI2431 processor at 450MHz- 3G + HSDPA- QVGA 2″ Screen (external) + 2.6″ WQVGA screen (internal) – 400×240- Internal QWERTY, external 12 key keypad- 256MB ROM- 64MB RAM- WiFi / Bluetooth 2.0- 2.0 Megapixel Autofocus Camera- microSD expansion- 158g- 113mm x 54mm x 18.7mmNot bad specs i’m sure you’ll agree, and a very innovative form factor that provides an interesting alternative to the more commong sliding keyboard (a-la-HTC Vox). I think the device looks quite nice, and could offer the best of both worlds. It of course shares a lot of it’s specs and design with the Nokia E90.” via modaco.com

30 million Symbian OS Phones in Japan!

Sp3220070418134139“Symbian Limited, developer and licensor of Symbian OS, the market-leading operating system for smartphones, today announced that over 30 million phones based on Symbian OS have shipped in Japan up until the end of November 2007.Symbian’s market share of the NTT DoCoMo FOMA market grew in one year from 50% to 65% at the end of H1 2007(Source: Techno Systems Research). To date, a total of 69 mobile phone models based on Symbian OS have launched in Japan by six Symbian customers: Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Nokia, Motorola, Sharp and Sony Ericsson.Kiyohito Nagata, Senior Vice President Managing Director, Product Department Products & Services Division NTT DoCoMo, Inc. commented “The robustness, security and ease of customisation of Symbian OS contributes greatly to a short development time and the possibility of development for a wide variety of handsets, and I am sure that this is linked to today’s announcement that there have now been over 30 million Symbian smartphones shipped in Japan. We will further strengthen our partnership with Symbian with the view to developing new features quickly.” Symbian OS is engineered for flexibility and scalability, powering popular devices in diverse Japanese market segments such as high-end, mid-range, simple (Raku-Raku PHONE), music, high-speed download and “One-segment” terrestrial broadcasting.Haruhiko Hisa, President, Symbian Japan, said: “We are proud to have reached a significant milestone in Japan, through the close collaboration we have with our network operator, handset manufacturer and ecosystem partners. With the recent launch of new Symbian technologies: FreeWay, ScreenPlay and Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP), Symbian OS is well placed to power the high demands and new capabilities, such as Super3G, being rolled out in the Japanese market.”The following 69 mobile phones based on Symbian OS have shipped in Japan: Fujitsu: NTT DoCoMo FOMA F801i; FOMA F905i; FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE IV; FOMA F704i; FOMA F904i; FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE Basic; FOMA F903iBSC; FOMA F903iX HIGH-SPEED; FOMA F703i; FOMA F903i; FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE III; FOMA F902iS; FOMA F702iD; FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE II; FOMA Raku-Raku PHONE; FOMA F902i; FOMA F700iS; FOMA F901iS; FOMA F700i; FOMA F901iC; FOMA F900iC; FOMA F900iT; FOMA F900i; FOMA F2102V; FOMA F2051 Mitsubishi Electric: NTT DoCoMo FOMA D905i; FOMA D704i; FOMA D904i; FOMA D903iTV; FOMA D800iDS; FOMA D703i; FOMA D903i; FOMA D702iF; FOMA D702iBCL; FOMA D902iS; MUSIC PORTER X; FOMA D702i; Music Porter II; Raku-Raku PHONE Simple; FOMA D902i; FOMA D701i; FOMA D901iS; FOMA D901i Motorola: NTT DoCoMo FOMA M1000 Sharp: NTT DoCoMo FOMA SH905i; FOMA SH704i; FOMA SH904i; FOMA SH903iTV; FOMA SH703i; FOMA SH903i; FOMA SH702iS; FOMA SH902iSL; FOMA SH902iS; FOMA SH702iD; FOMA SH902i Sony Ericsson: NTT DoCoMo FOMA SO905i; FOMA SO704i; FOMA SO903iTV; FOMA SO703i; FOMA SO903i; FOMA SO902iWP+; FOMA SO702i; FOMA SO902i Nokia: NTT DoCoMo FOMA NM850iG; SOFTBANK MOBILE SoftBank X01NK/Nokia E61; SoftBank 705NK/Nokia N73; Vodafone 804NK/Nokia N71; Vodafone 702NKII (Nokia 6680); Vodafone 702NK (Nokia 6630)