Opera delivers the Web on world's first mobile WiMax gaming device

img01 “Opera Software announced that Korea-based POSBRO has selected the Opera browser for what is labelled the world’s first portable WiMax gaming device. The POSBRO G100 takes advantage of the high data speeds offered by WiMax (4G) to deliver online gaming from a portable device. POSBRO used the Opera 9 for Devices SDK to create a compelling Web experience for people using the G100 device.The device features a four-inch LCD touchscreen, with a slide-out game pad. In addition to WiMax, the G100 also supports connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Users can take advantage of the network speeds to play advanced, online games with multiple players in a graphich-rich environments, in addition to accessing their favorite Web sites.OSBRO has signed agreements with the Korean mobile WiMax operator KT to provide an online gaming service via G100 starting in early 2008. The company has also announced that the G100 will be launching in the United States in the beginning of 4Q 2008 or late 1Q 2009. The G100 was demonstrated at SPRINT’s booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month.POSBRO was founded in September 2006 and acquired by POSDATA as a strategic base camp for WiMAX hand-held device development and service integration. The companies have been positioned as a total WiMAX solution provider in the market that covers mobile WiMAX base stations, ASN-gateways and user devices.” via slashphone.com

Palm Centro GSM version coming up!

“The Holland-based PDAshop has posted the info and pics of Palm Centro smartphone for GSM networks. The device has the tag “in stores soon” and the starting price 279 Euro. As for the current Palm Centro version it is available from Sprint in the US and meant for CDMA networks.According to PDAshop.nl, the GSM-Centro will feature: Networks – GSM 850/900/1800/1900 OS – Palm OS 5.4 Camera – 1.3-megapixel 64 MB of onboard memory microSD slot for up to 4 GB cards Bluetooth 1.2 Google Maps Touchscreen display and QWERTY-keyboard Compact size and light weight” via mobile-review.com