Lenovo pulls out from Mobile Phone and Windows Mobile business

Lenovo, a Chinese maker of PCs, smartphones and communicators running Windows Mobile is about to pull out from this market. Its Mobile unit will be bought out by Hony Capital Fund, which is a part of Legend Holdings (that owned over 42% of Lenovo Group as of May 31, 2007). For the most part, Lenovo’s devices are known on the native market and haven’t seen much success world-wide. The year of 2007 clocked out at 134 million Yuann losses for Lenovo Mobile, which was the reason why the HQ decided to get rid its unsustainable business for 100 million USD and devote itself solely to desktop PCs and laptops, which is the chunk it bought from IBM back in 2004.” via mobile-review.com

More details and pics on Windows Mobile 6.1 features

“We already know pretty much what to expect from Windows Mobile 6.1, but we thought you WinMo fans would like to see more screenshots of Windows Mobile 6.1.Again, here’s what to expect from WinMo 6.1: Threaded SMS text messages Speedier, faster, quicker – however you put it, WM6.1 should work better Internet Explorer now lets you define a homepage, and also zoom in and out using a nice and clean interface Microsoft Office will includes One Note Copy / Paste Domain Enroll in Settings (Enrolling in a domain will connect your device with company resources.) New home screen (pan left and right to check out missed calls, notifications like email, sms, etc.) Change Master Security Code Added text input settings Recent Programs when pressing Start menu When you compose an email, or SMS, and start typing the name of the contact in the “To:” field, the contact names finally pop up like Windows Mobile Professional! New “getting started” application to ease new users into the setup process Improved Task Manager” More photos here:

Manila set to replace TouchFLO in HTC communicators?

Sp3220070418134139The Web has seen a couple of screenshots which are, as the source claims, nothing less than the new user interface codenamed Manila brought about by HTC. We have can’t tell for sure whether this information is 100 percent correct or true, but the it has been reported that this UI is the next stage of the company’s very own TouchFLO’s development, and just like the predecessor it works with touch-display enabled communicators, allowing for finger based navigation. Also it is said the new UI version will come implemented in HTC-branded devices towards the end of this year. Unfortunately, no more cues about the Manila are available as of today.