LG Electronics announces new Symbian smartphone with GPS

LG Electronics, a worldwide technology and design leader in mobile communications and Symbian Limited, the market leader in open mobile operating systems, today announced ‘LG-KT610’ a GPS-enabled, stylish candy bar mobile phone with a unique 2.4 VGA flip screen holding a PC-like Qwerty keypad. Based on Symbian OS v9.2 and S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1, ‘LG-KT610’s users can take full advantage of a rich suite of multimedia features and applications.The sleek new ‘LG-KT610’ is powered with HSDPA connectivity at 3.6 Mbps and GPS navigation capabilities. Combined with a QWERTY keypad and push email functionality, socialising, working and web browsing on-the-go is made easy. Symbian OS ensures the benefits of advanced power efficiency and a high-level of OS security, crucial for social and professional users.Jorgen Behrens, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Symbian, said, “The ‘LG-KT610’ combines a sleek flip-screen design and advanced computer capabilities with high performance technology from Symbian OS. We welcome the launch of the ‘LG-KT610’ and look forward to continued collaboration with LG Electronics on mobile phone development in the future.”JJ Lee, Head of New Business Development Team, Executive Vice President of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company said, “LG’s partnership with Symbian is significant as the two endeavour to meet what customers really want with smart phones. LG will tighten our focus on creating insight-based values for the customers in the rapidly growing smart phone market.”

Paragons Oxford Dictionaries Preinstalled on Samsungs i450, i550 and i560

“Paragon Software Group – the leading developer of innovative software for Desktop PCs and mobile devices, and Samsung Electronics – a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies – signed an agreement on Samsung’s Symbian OS based i450, i550 and i560 series smartphones for the Russian market to include a pre-installed version of the Oxford Russian Dictionary, the most comprehensive database by Oxford University Press, working under the powerful SlovoEd engine, and increasing accessibility for mobile users working in a multilingual environment.The SlovoEd engine, developed through extensive research as well as input from end-users, allows the mobile user to rapidly access more than 185,000 entries and references, and requires only 3.98 MB of memory space on the Samsung device. At the same time, the dictionary database contains more than 290,000 translations, including modern idioms, British, American English and regional Russian dialects, along with numerous illustrative examples. In addition, the Oxford Russian Dictionary includes all common abbreviations and acronyms, and helpful advice on difficult points of grammar and pronunciation. Unsurpassed in reliability, the user-friendly Oxford Russian Dictionary is the best database of choice for professionals, teachers, academics, parents and anyone who needs to keep abreast of the Russian language as it is spoken.”
According to Igor Duginov, product manager of Samsung Electronics, “It is a great achievement of Paragon Software Group to make the unique work effort of Oxford’s research, science, and education available to the users of mobile devices. The Oxford database developed through the SlovoEd’s quality engine, is a perfect addition to the music smartphone i450 and multifunctional i550 and i560.”The Samsung i450 smartphone, showcased in January at CES 2008 in Las Vegas, is an innovative music phone that offers a dual slider design and touch-wheel music navigation. When the i450 slides up, the mobile phone supports powerful smartphone features with S60 software on Symbian OS. Running on the S60 3rd Edition platform, the i450 provides advanced download application and multitasking features in fast speed through HSDPA connectivity. When it slides down, the phone activates as a music player with touch wheel navigation which enables the users to control the multimedia menus easily. Moreover, metallic speakers supporting ICEpower® amplifier developed by Bang & Olufsen® offer superb sound quality to music phone users.The Samsung i550 is Samsung’s first GPS phone. With a candy bar design, HSDPA 3.6 Mbps, web browsing and access to Web 2.0 services are made easy and with built-in GPS, consumers can easily navigate while on the move. Users can download limitless applications available from the S60 applications library and access their favorites using dedicated hot keys. The Samsung i560 is designed for the fashion conscious consumer. The i560 is perfect for trend-setting bloggers and young techie users who are the fastest adapters and leaders in enhancing their lifestyles with up-to-date information available through GPS and internet applications. It has a beautiful and sleek exterior design with a mirror coating on LCD with 16mm thickness.”We are glad to make the most comprehensive database of Oxford dictionary now available to even more mobile users,” said Elena Medvedeva, Chief of Sales and Business Development Department at the SHDD division of Paragon Software Group. “Today’s capacity and incredible potential functionality of Samsung’s newly released innovative series i450, i550 and i560 of smartphones is breaking the limits of traditional ways of looking at the translation and communication process conducted in business, academia or leisure.“

Nokia Maps 2.0 hits beta!

“Nokia Maps is approaching the release of its second major version (2.0). Currently it is in a semi-public beta, so you expect to see a few postings about this around the net in the next few days and weeks. The new version brings a number of improvements including a new pedestrian mode, enhanced driving navigation mode, satellite maps, much improved search and new real time traffic information. The driving navigation interface (Drive) has been much enhanced (see above), with proper turn indicators and transparent panels. There’s a new pedstrian mode (Walk), with no voice instructions but with “breadcrumbs” that are shown where you have been walking so you can easily see what direction to take. (Walk is included in the driving navigation license for car navigation but can also be purchased separately at a lower cost) Satellite maps are now included (a la Google Maps) for 200 cities worldwide. The satellite maps are downloaded over the air and are saved automatically. Next time you start Maps, the satellite maps will be there, no need to download them again. There’s a hybrid view that combines satellite view with the regular maps.” Find out more here: