Nokia E71 business smartphone displayed in Sydney

“With the world’s eyes on the 3GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it seems that we overlooked a handheld of particular interest–the Nokia E71. Fortunately, CNET Australia’s Joseph Hanlon was lucky enough to see a “secret” comparison picture of the E71 with the E61 at the Showcase Nokia event held in Sydney recently.Information is usually scant at this stage, though the handset is purported to come with HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microSD expansion card slot, QWERTY keyboard, 3.2-megapixel camera, and onboard GPS.I think one of the reasons we are excited about this device is because the E61 had been one of the best smartphones of its time. Even though its successor–the E61i–didn’t bring much to the plate besides the inclusion of a camera module and better build quality, it offered users who wanted a camera on their handheld an alternative to choose from. And what better than to have it on an already successful device?There hasn’t been an official announcement of the E71 yet, but I’m sure we aren’t too far away from seeing it. More details to follow once we have them. “ via

OpenMoko to reveal a Linux smartphone next to Neo 1973

“Taiwan-based OpenMoko, a Linux-based open source handset platform developer, plans to launch the second version of its Neo open source handset in the March-April period this year, according to company president Sean Moss-Pultz.In addition to pushing sales of its open source handsets, OpenMoko will also engage in the production of hardware devices in cooperation with device vendors, leveraging on OpenMoko’s platform solutions and manufacturing capability, Moss-Pultz said.Under the policy, OpenMoko has teamed up with Dash to develop Dash Express portable navigation device (PND), with Dash to be responsible for application developments and marketing of the PND, Moss-Pultz noted.In the future, open source handsets will account for two-thirds of OpenMoko’s total revenues, with the remaining one-third coming from joint production with device partners, Moss-Pultz added.: via

RIM and Motorola suing each other for patent infringment

” Motorola Inc. sued Research In Motion Ltd. claiming the Canadian company’s BlackBerry wireless e-mail device violates seven U.S. patents covering mobile-communications technology. Motorola, the biggest U.S. maker of mobile phones, said Research In Motion is using the inventions without permission and asked a federal judge in Marshall, Texas, to order a stop. Motorola also is seeking cash compensation for past infringement of the inventions, according to the complaint filed Feb. 16. Research In Motion “willfully” infringed the patents, causing “irreparable harm,” Schaumburg, Illinois-based Motorola said in the complaint. Research In Motion has more than 8 million subscribers in North America. AT&T Inc., Verizon Wireless and other phone companies pay the Waterloo, Ontario-based company a fee of about $6 a month for each subscriber that uses BlackBerry e-mail. The lawsuit targets Research In Motion’s 8100, 8130, 8320, 8800, 8820 and 8830 model devices, as well as BlackBerry Exchange Server software. The technology includes a method of storing contact information in wireless e-mails, a way of recognizing incoming phone numbers, a way of controlling access to new applications on a wireless-messaging device and ways to improve functions on the menu-driven interface of a phone handset, court papers show.” via

Sprint Launches Samsung ACE SPH i325, SPH M520

“Sprint this morning launched both the Samsung ACE (SPH-i325) and the Samsung SPH-M520. Both devices are now available from Sprint’s web site.The ACE, as we previously reported, is the CDMA version of the popular BlackJack line, combining elements from both existing BlackJack models. The Ace offers both GPS navigation and Sprint TV as well as Sprint Music Store access. Also, the ACE doubles as a GSM 1800/800 world phone for international roaming. Shipping with Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard, it is not clear if, or when the device will be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.1.The ACE is available for $199.99 with new two-year agreement, $449.99 without contract.In addition, Sprint has also launched the Samsung SPH-M520, the slider replacement to the SPH-M510, which we have also covered previously. The M520 will retail for $49.99 with new two-year agreement, $249.99 without contract.” via