Smart Educational Games is out for all latest BlackBerry RIM devices!

“Smart Educational games is a pack of games that helps you learn world Geography (States, Counties, Capital Cities), improves your memory, your mental awareness and your calculating speed. Specially designed for both Grown-ups and Kids: The program is suitable for both Grown-ups and kids. A simple button changes the difficulty on all the games at once.Improve your Geography:There is a pack of map games for USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Center and South America where you must find either States / Countries or the Capital Cities on the map. The faster you do it the better your score will be. Help is available so that you can surly learn all the worlds geography.Improve your Memory:A memory game helps you fit your brains memory and by time improve it. Improve your Mental Awareness:A puzzle game with many different images helps you use your brain by just playing a very addictive game.Improve your Calculating Speed:These may look like simple ‘shoot the ufo’ games but they are very sophisticated educational games which help you calculate faster and faster. You can try addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Features* Runs horizontal and vertical.* Crystal clear graphics with thousands of colours.* Full screen graphics!* Difficulty control.* 5 way navigator support* Export Hi-Scores to internet ” Check it here:

Nokia displays new, improved E90 at MWC

“Nokia didn’t make any announcements regarding new devices in its E-series (probably due to the Vodafone UK leak?) but it does not mean that the brand did not have anything to show off at the Mobile World Congress. At the Nokia stall, we laid our hands on the new version of the E90 Communicator! The specifications remain the same as the older version and the only visible changes are cosmetic. After initial complaints of the keypad scratching the screen, Nokia has changed the interior QWERTY keypad without compromising on the usability factor (you can see the scratches on our E90 on the right). We’d like to believe that the ear-piece has also been changed after users complained of a fuzzy noise that could be heard in the background. The colour has also been changed from Mocha to classic Black, though we prefer our Mocha E90. According to the representative manning the stall, the new version will be out in the market in a few weeks. So if you are planning to go for the E90, we’d suggest you to hang in there a little longer. Trust us; it’d be worth the wait.” via

Updated Zumobi for Windows Mobile!

“The Zumobi developers have announced a new interface version for Windows Mobile 6 (Classic, Professional and Standard). Zumobi is a dynamic mobile widget application to access web content delivered to your phone in an innovative and new way. Here you can download a version of Zumobi, which is completely free. According to the developers, the update comes with lots of improvements directly related to the users’ feedback: Smaller installation file Significant performance improvements First time sync within 5 minutes of first run “Exit” Zumobi from within the application Improved placement of new Tiles from the Gallery Single installation file for both touchscreen and non-touchscreen devices” via