Opera Mobile 9.5 running on a Sony Ericsson UIQ device

“Opera Software announced that Opera Mobile 9.5 would be coming soon and would be shown at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. I had a chance to visit the Opera Software booth and spoke with a product manager who ran through this latest mobile browser on a Sony Ericsson UIQ device. You can see some of the features of Opera Mobile 9.5 in action in the video. The HTC Advantage I have been using for several months comes with Opera Mobile 8.5 preloaded in the ROM and is actually the selected default browser on the device. Opera Mobile 8.5 makes the device much more useful for me since I find Internet Explorer Mobile to be a weak mobile browser. However, there are still a few websites I need to visit that Opera Mobile 8.5 doesn’t fully support and I am hoping that Opera Mobile 9.5 provides this needed functionality and from the press release and seeing it in action I think this just may be the browser I need.Opera Mobile 9.5 has been improved with new zooming and panning capabilities, faster page loading, Flash Lite 3 support (up to OEMs and operators), and Opera Widget capable. Other features include tabbed browsing, landscape support, call phone number from a web page, send a link as a text message, and much more. The public beta should be available soon and I can’t wait to try it out.” via blogs.zdnet.com

Sony Ericsson C902 preview: C for Cybershot

“Sony Ericsson were first to make headlines at this year’s Mobile World Congress, and continue to keep us busy previewing a bunch of debuting devices. Our series of quick hands-on sessions ends with a cameraphone. Sony Ericsson C902 is the new Cyber-shot squad member. The C902 designation does break a mold, as all previous Cyber-shot models belonged to the K-series. It’s now C for Cyber-shot, nice and easy.At a first glance, C902 looks like a direct descendant of the Sony Ericson K850, but it will be another handset to inherit the latter.Sony Ericsson C902 has a surprisingly small 2″ 262K-color TFT display of QVGA resolution. When the display is off, it does look like at least a 2.2 incher, but with the lights on the reason for this size is obvious – there are eight touch sensitive camera keys that backlight in blue around the display. More about them is to come later on.As a camera-centric phone, Sony Ericsson C902 bundles up a 5 megapixel autofocus shooter offering a good range of niceties. Among them are face detection, image and video stabilizer, BestPic, auto-rotate, macro mode, photoflash LED, etc.” Read more here: