Apple iPhone vs Apple Touch, player wins

“I can’t help it but love the soap opera called the iPhone – that’s where true dramaturgy and spirit of the community are. The iPhone’s hype lives on only in the hearts of its devotees, while the maker’s marketing strategy starts going sideways. When I was winding up the previous piece on this handset, I was curious to check out AT&T’s data on Q3 and the number of activated iPhones, which was bound to differ from the official statistics tremendously. Whether Apple had a hand in this, or they did that on their own, but AT&T said nothing on activated phones in the Q3 report, however early in 2008 they reported on the entire 2007. And the numbers over there were, in truth, quite something. Apple claims it sold 3.7 million iPhones as of the end of 2007. However its senior partner reports 2 millions of activations.” Read more here:

NTT DoCoMo rolls out high res Panasonic P905i Viera phone

“Made by Panasonic for DoCoMo, the P905i is a 3G/GSM/GPS phone featuring a 1seg TV tuner and Viera image processing (same technology as on Panasonic’s PDP TV including the PEAKS engine) on a beautiful 3.5″ screen. Rocking at a nice 854x480px resolution, it’s also got 1GB of built-in memory to record television for example. This phone was clearly produced as a pocket TV and targets TV freaks, it will also be able to take nice pictures thanks to the 2MPx sensor and AutoFocus. Last but not least it is also DCMX iD (bank friendly).” More photos here: