Video of a touch controlled Android smartphone

“The BBC channel has shared a video clip with an unknown Android-based mobile device. This is an early proto released by a Google partner, says the source. The device is controlled via a touchscreen display mainly in addition to several hardware buttons. However the model doesn’t seem to involve multi-touch gestures. Being powered by a low-power 300 MHz processor, the smartphone though runs applications without delays. We’ve got no info whether a real product would be built on this proto. Remember that the pioneer Android models are expected by the end of this year.” via

RIM patents a QWERTY slider!

“Yet another item from the fanciful land of patent filings: the “Hybrid Portrait-Landscape Handheld Device With Trackball Navigation and Qwerty Hideaway Keyboard”. It might be thought that the whole hideaway keypad and orientation detection thing has been done, but obviously not with a trackball, otherwise this filing wouldn’t have gone through. Considering another patent of this variety has been released recently, it’s easy to get enthusiastic about the idea of a BlackBerry with significant form factor changes. For the bookish, you can check out the whole patent filing here.” via

Apple iPhone SDK Will Finally See The Light of Day on March 6

“Finally! After months upon months of mentioning the iPhone SDK, and upon spending its whole existence in the Apple labs, subject to Steve Jobs’s scrutinizing gaze, it looks like the Apple iPhone SDK is finally seeing the light of day. Postponing its supposed February release (hopefully to ensure that everything is perfect), Apple is hosting a talk on 10 am, March 6 at its Cupertino headquarters. Here’s what Steve and co. sent the members of the press:”Please join us to learn about the iPhone software roadmap, including the iPhone SDK and some exciting new enterprise features,.”” via