BlackBerry Maintains its Top Spot Amongst Business Users

RIM/Blackberry Vs. Palm Current Market Share (Percentage of companies that provide RIM/Blackberry or Palm): RIM maintains it's lead at 73% while Palm drops 1pt to 18%.“In a January consumer survey, ChangeWave reported that Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry was “continuing to take the smart phone market by storm.”Now the latest ChangeWave numbers are in on the corporate side of the smart phone ledger, and once again the clear momentum winner is RIM.As part of a February 11-15 corporate survey, ChangeWave asked respondents involved with IT spending decisions who the manufacturer was of the smart phones their company currently provides.Nearly three-in-four respondents (73%) cited Research In Motion as the manufacturer of their company’s smart phone.While the RIM percentage is unchanged from the previous survey in November 2007, RIM’s market dominance over arch rival Palm (PALM) has continued to expand.” Read more here: