Nokia's full 1080p30 video over the USB or WiFi inside your mobile device technology

“Little information is given about how noBounds actually works, but we do know all that is required for it to work is a software update. The noBounds technology will let you connect a 1080p display via USB or WiFi to a mobile device, such as the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet as seen above, and apperently is uses very little battery life. Roughly 20 companies are involved with noBounds in some meaningful way and there is full intention to drive this into the next USB specification.Internet Tablet Talk received the email announcement which you can read here. Meanwhile I’m going to try and get in touch with the really bright minds at Nokia’s Research Center in Bochum to try and figure out how they achieved this voodoo. Awesome work Bernd Steinke, Kevin Muller and Jonas Hermann, this is some amazing stuff!” via