Samsung U900 Soul review: That's the spirit

“The market rivals of Samsung U900 Soul are mostly within the Samsung family. Samsung G600 is kind of the economy package for the budget minded. The G800 is a monster of cameraphone packing optical zoom on top of the other camera goodies. That goes with massive size however and Samsung G800 isn’t really as pocket-friendly as the Soul. Nokia 6500 slide also seems a nice alternative for its 3 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and great metallic body.” Read more here:

HTC patent application shows off unique dual slider

“Make the numeric keypad a part of the QWERTY keyboard plate. Have the phone display covering most of QWERTY keyboard, except for the numeric keypad part, in a closed mode.To open into a text/mesaging QWERTY landscape mode, just slide the screen diagonally across the keyboard plate and fix the display in the top/middle of it.Voila. You still have all the benefits of the S730 smartphone, the same display size, but in a smaller package.Of course, no such HTC handset exist yet, as far as I know. The drawings above are our Photoshop renderings.However, they are not just my imagination, and are based on a recent patent filing by HTC, called “Handheld electronic device” , describing just such a handset.And from the looks of, it ain’t that hard to implement, so we might be seeing something along these lines in the near future.” More photos here: