Lost in the Pyramid is finally out for BlackBerry Devices!

“Lost in the Pyramid is a fresh idea that brings back memories from the old, funny adventure games. Your character is an archeologist which discovers a brand new Pyramid. Your task is to enter the Pyramid, explore it, unravel its mysteries and try not to die.FEATURES:1) Fully translated into several languages.2) Hilarious story and humorous dialogs.3) Many rooms to explore.4) Witty puzzles to solve5) Easy point and click game play with interactive inventory.6) Fresh high quality graphics7) Full screen graphics!8) Funny interactive scenes9) Automatic save and continue system10) Two different game endings11) Export your Hi-Score online and compare it with everybody.12) Supports virtual mouse pointer” Check it here:

Flipside for Blackberry Review

“As an iPod owner I don’t use my phone as a main device. RIM’s media application is ever so slightly basic compared to Palm’s offerings of Real Player or pTunes. Back on my Treo my MP3 player of choice is Busker from Electric Pocket. Why? Well I covered that in a review a while ago, but mainly because I love cover art (The main reason I own an iPod Touch is coverflow!). Now Flipside got me very excited, it’s not a port of Busker; it’s a brand new player from Electric Pocket.Flipside had been long awaited by the Blackberry community, there isn’t much competition in the area so when a strong developer comes along to make an MP3 player that has a gorgeous interface with cover art browsing it was bound to be talked about.Interface wise FlipSide allows you to flip through your cover art to choose album, add to play list, or just to play an individual song. This is incredibly effective using the scroll ball found on the Curve and Pearl devices as a quick flick sends your cover art whizzing by. The interface really is where Flipside excels, unlike most Blackberry applications which can be a tad bland.On the cover art side of things one very cool feature brought over from Busker is the ability to download new cover art as needed, very handy (if slightly slow over GPRS)!As expect Flipside works perfectly playing in the background and can be flipped to from a shortcut it creates in the application menu, simple and effective.I can’t really pass judgement on the audio quality as I have no baseline comparison (and a tone deaf!), but it’s as good or better than Busker is on my Treo, I suspect this will vary between Blackberry devices though.So if you want a good looking, good quality player for your Blackberry Flipside is a superb choice. Go and have a nose over at the site here.” via palmaddict.typepad.com

The Samsung G810 with Symbian S60 in action

“A large screened S60 slider, 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3.5G data – it’s got to be the Nokia N95, right? But actually no, I just came across this recent video (see below) of the Samsung G810, which also adds a stainless steel case and genuine 3x optical zoom into the mix. Looks very good from here, we’ll get one for review when it appears in the real world, never fear.” via allaboutsymbian.com

Nokia announces N95 8GB NAM availability!

The wait is over– the Nokia N95 8GB has arrived on American shores. Packed with portable entertainment features and high-speed HSDPA connectivity on 850/1900 MHz networks in the Americas, the Nokia N95 8GB is now shipping to select locations across the United States — and with six months of free navigation service included with Nokia Maps. The new Nokia N95 8GB brings the worlds of mobility and entertainment together with its stunning 2.8 inch QVGA screen with support for up to 16 million colors, eight gigabytes of built-in memory, Assisted GPS (A-GPS) for improved location access, and enhanced battery power. Nokia N95 8GB owners in the US can also enjoy the benefits of free turn-by-turn directions and voice guidance in Nokia Maps for six months.”We’re excited to now offer this all-in-one powerhouse of a multimedia computer in the United States,” said Bill Plummer, vice president, Nokia Americas. “With the added ultra-fast connectivity of HSDPA, the Nokia N95 8GB delivers on the promise of a multimedia computer in one sleek and compact package.” This attractive package boasts one of the industry’s strongest feature sets — in addition to eight gigabytes of built-in memory, the Nokia N95 8GB includes a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, built-in A-GPS, Wi-Fi, HSDPA and an innovative two-way slide for easy access to both telephony and multimedia functions. The sleek gloss black N95 8GB has a luminous 2.8″ (240 x 320) QVGA display, so watching videos, browsing the Internet or viewing maps is a real pleasure. With its expanded memory, the N95 8GB offers up to 20 hours of video or up to 6000 songs. Now with A-GPS, Nokia N95 8GB owners can quickly navigate to their locations using Nokia Maps faster and access maps for over 150 countries,including a selection of preloaded US state maps. The Nokia N95 8GB will also support Nokia Share Online 3.0, available via Nokia Download!,enabling users to upload photos and videos with just one click straight to Share on Ovi, Flickr or Vox. At an estimated price of $749, the Nokia N95 8GB will be available through Nokia Nseries retailers across the United States, such as the Nokia Flagship stores in New York City and Chicago, as well as many online e-tailers.

Quickoffice Reveals Latest Office Suite for Symbian UIQ 3 Devices

Quickoffice, the leading global provider of mobile office productivity software and services, today announced the availability of its award-winning software, Quickoffice Premier 4.0, for UIQ 3 devices. The latest version offers complete editing support for Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, without compromising data integrity or formatting.Quickoffice Premier 4.0 contains many enhancements that improve usability, including performance optimizations for handling documents of all sizes, support for complex spreadsheet formulas and new, advanced editing capabilities. Users can now enjoy more control over formatting, graphics and text when revising documents on their UIQ smartphones. Also included in this release are powerful, user-friendly options to make graphical changes within presentations, such as inserting, deleting, moving and rotating objects. Mobile professionals also have the option of customizing the display of documents in each application with the new ZoomView feature, allowing for the easiest and fastest selection of the optimal zoom level for each document.The new version also includes Quickoffice’s on-device, e-commerce portal, Quickmanager. This new feature enables over-the-air software upgrades, allowing customers to quickly and easily receive the latest versions of leading mobile productivity applications.”Professionals are increasingly dependent on their smartphones to perform every necessary function outside the office,” said Paul Moreton, vice president of product development. “UIQ customers want and need a mobile office suite that builds upon and takes advantage of UIQ 3’s next-generation innovations. With this in mind, we leveraged our extensive experience and dedication to creating user-friendly software to deliver an office suite that transforms the UIQ smartphone into a powerful mobile office.”Quickoffice greatly enhances a professional’s lifestyle away from work by eliminating the need to travel with a bulky laptop, as all Office content is easily and instantly accessible directly from a smartphone. Quickoffice Premier 4.0 is available immediately and customers can purchase the software online at www.quickoffice.com.