Symbian UIQ is slowly dying!!

“It looks like Sony Ericsson performed a suicide to its own platform…First reason is the very rare models of UIQ devices. Compared with S60 and the unstoppable announcements from Nokia regarding high end smartphones or multimedia computers even HTC with Windows Mobiles, all of them keep their lines up fresh and always updated with the latest technological standards.Most importantly the platform stopped to be exited since P900.P800 was great and revolutionary for its time even, after the many delays P800 did very well and it is what made UIQ a success, P900 it was a P800 with better design, better screen and UIQ 2.1, nothing special but acceptable, P910 was totally outdated when it came out offering nothing new from P900 instead of a very bad QWERTY keyboard, finally the P990 was the disaster of the whole platform taking it to the hole everything that was UIQ related after that… The major lacks the better competition and mostly the extremely buggy UIQ 3.0 made the P990 a disappointment. UIQ is meant to be for high end devices at least this is what we learn with P800 but it looks like mother Sony Ericsson still doesn’t get it… Even the latest Sony Ericsson G700 and G900 UIQ based smartphones don’t even offer QuadBand support with EDGE. If you can’t even offer that then…there is nothing to say.UIQ is a great platform and we hear so many nice additions for its next version. We really hope Sony Ericsson has something nice to announce really soon along with many high end devices base on it.” This article is from

Best Selling Games Pack is finally out for Blackberry devices!

Pack “We offer all our best selling games (Most recent versions) at a single pack with more than half price.GAMES INCLUDED:• Lost in the Pyramid more> Crazysoft’s funny adventure game. Translated into 6 different languages. • Paintball 2 more> Crazysoft’s classic best seller. A must have for every mobile phone.• Frutakia more> The ‘casino slots idea’ turned into an original, fun & addicting puzzle game.• Snake Deluxe more> Based on the classic Snake game, this is a graphical masterpiece.”Click here to see more:

Smart choice for the home office the new Nokia 6300i with mobile VoIP

Nokia today introduced the Nokia 6300i, which offers a fully integrated and easy-to-use VoIP (Voice over IP) client combined with a GSM mobile phone. Connecting to a wireless network is simple, making the Nokia 6300i an ideal complement for connections from the home office. Browsing, downloading of applications and making VoIP calls is effortless with the Nokia 6300i, which is estimated to start shipping in the second quarter of 2008 in select markets with an estimated retail price of EUR 175, before taxes and subsidies. The Nokia 6300i allows up to two thousand VoIP-, home-, and mobile numbers to be listed side-by-side and dedicated WLAN and VoIP symbols show the connection status and type of phone call, whether it is using GSM network or VoIP. Nokia’s global developer program, Forum Nokia, offers information on VoIP technology at A complete list of Nokia 6300i features and technical specifications can be found at Related photos in print quality can be found at

UIQ Technology just announced a new version of its platform UIQ 3.3

UIQ Technology today announced the availability of UIQ 3.3, bringing mobile phone manufacturers even more opportunities to innovate and to diversify their product portfolios.UIQ 3.3 based on Symbian OS v 9.3 builds on the success of the UIQ 3 family, making it possible for mobile phone manufacturers to produce different kinds of phones on the same software platform, on a single code line. UIQ 3.3 includes incremental enhancements in line with market requirements, including enhanced support for operator services and extensive customization for addressing different market segments. UIQ 3.3 for example includes: Full web experience: Opera Mobile 9, with its fast page rendering and its Pan & Zoom functionalities, offers the web experience of a full-scale browser in a mobile environment UIQ Dashboard: UIQ 3.3 is prepared for mobile widgets and features a dashboard, accessible system wide by pushing the widget button Opera Widgets: Opera widgets run on UIQ 3.3, offering the user direct access to content and opening up for new mobile services Unified Messaging Platform: integrated communication experience Java JSR 248 MSA Fullset: Developers can create and deploy a wide range of applications using the Mobile Services Architecture (MSA)”UIQ 3.3 will significantly enhance the options for creating differentiated mobile phones for different segments and different price ranges,” said Mats Barvesten EVP Product Management and Ecosystems at UIQ Technology. “Operators are also given the opportunity to promote their services through customized folders and a widget dashboard. We have integrated the Opera Mobile 9.5 web browser and added a number of new functions and possibilities that are in line with our strategy to enable phones with world class user experience.” With an aim to extend UIQ based mobile phones into the mass-market, UIQ’s focus is to ensure a flexible and powerful open user interface and development platform that optimizes the options for mobile phone manufacturers to create higher volume phones for the market. “The UIQ platform is a key enabler for several of Motorola’s multimedia-centric devices – including our new MOTO Z10 kick-slider handset, which offers users a host of features and applications for a unique mobile video experience,” said Christy Wyatt, Vice President, Software Platforms & Ecosystem, Motorola. “We look forward to supporting UIQ 3.3 in future mobile devices, leveraging its new capabilities to further enhance customer experiences, and working closely with UIQ to provide the essential toolsets to our developer community.” “With UIQ 3.3, including a number of web based technologies, we see the platform evolving further to enable even richer user experience,” said Ulf Persson, Corporate Vice President and Head of PBU Open Platform at Sony Ericsson. “We welcome this release and are committed to developing and delivering products on UIQ 3.3.” Antony Edwards, Vice President Developer Product Marketing, Symbian, said “UIQ 3.3 will bring a host of new opportunities for developers wanting to innovate on a powerful user interface platform, including new APIs such as SQL. Symbian OS v 9.3 strengthens the offering for handset manufacturers with its robust and scalable OS, enhanced phone performance and hardware capabilities, allowing them to bring differentiated phones to market more quickly.” The Beta SDK (Software Development Kit) for UIQ 3.3 on Symbian OS v 9.3 is available for download.