New firmware version for Nokia E90 Communicator

“New firmware version for Nokia E90 Communicator has become available at Nokia Software Update. The version 200.34.72 involves several new functions for the communicator, i.e. Flash Lite 3 support enabling Flash video playback and new Quickoffice, which is more powerful than the previous version (3.85). In addition we’ve got improved software performance and some corrections.Nokia E90 Communicator is a S60 smartphone packed in a landscape clamshell form. It features small external and wide internal displays, a numeric and QWERTY-keyboards. Nokia E90 Communicator incorporates all essential stuff for a modern cellphone ranging from 3G support to GPS-navigation and a pair of cameras.” via

Quake 3 Ported on the iPhone!

“My favorite first-person-shooter game can now be played on the iPhone. You move your character around using the iPhone’s built-in accelerometer. You shoot by tapping on the screen. It actually looks like a fun way to play Quake 3, but I doubt if you’re going to be beat anyone on a keyboard and mouse. Apparently, there’s no skipping in this version of Quake but still…” via