KNC M700 PMP has Nokia 5310 Side Buttons

KNC will release the M-700 PMP this May 1 or thereabouts commemorating the Ching Ming Festival. Now, we don’t presume to know anything about the Ching Ming Festival but we love how the M-700 looks, especially those side buttons that reminds us of the Nokia XpressMusic 5310. The player has a 2.6-inch (?) 16:9 widescreen and is powered by a Swiss-RK2706 core chip running at 400Mhz and plays RM, RMVB, FLV, AVI natively and DivX, XviD encoded AVI. On the audio side, it supports APE, FLAC lossless and WMA, MP3 files. Other features include Microsoft PLAYFX sound, USB 2.0 and LRC lyrics. It comes with 4GB of storage. No price yet.” via

Samsung SCH M470 HSUPA Phone

hsupa-SCH-M470.jpg“Samsung, South Korea’s largest conglomerate and one of the largest mobile device corporation in the world, has released the first ever HSUPA enabled phone. HSUPA is obviously a new technology and is a perfect compliment to HSDPA that we are now currently using. HSUPA allows users upload speeds of up to 2Mbps. This is a very significant feature as lots of user created content is made on mobile devices these days. Other feature highlights of the slider-style Samsung SCH-M470 include 2MP camera, Wifi, Bluetooth 2.0, push email and Google Search.The Samsung SCH-M470 has a price of about $600 in Korea” via

Quickoffice (next gen) v4 on Symbian UIQ 3 Review!

One of the most important functions that business people want in deciding their smartphone purchases is the ability to view, edit and manage office documents, which normally come in the MS Office DOC, XLS and PPT format. For Sony Ericsson UIQ 3 smartphones, this function is enabled by default with an application suite called Quickoffice. However, the application has not received any major update since it was first included in the first UIQ 3 smartphone, the P990. This resulted in some frustration when using Quickoffice in the real world. For example, embedded images in a DOC file are not displayed, only text is available for viewing. And to make matters worse, document integrity is something UIQ 3 users need to really worry about because most of the time, editing documents using Quickoffice UIQ is very risky and you will lose some formatting.All of the current Sony Ericsson UIQ smartphones include Quickoffice v3.6, which is in fact very basic for today’s standard. The code base is actually about 3 years old and advanced features couldn’t be added. One of the challenges of working with OEMs and delivering software into their ROM/firmware is the huge leadtime involved. For ROM shipment, there is a massive amount of testing/QA and localization that goes on – and for this reason OEMs are reluctant to ‘rock the boat’. Once something is stable and ‘done’, they stick with it..” Read more here: