Samsung i550/i550w review: Low key all in one!

“If we must summarize, we would definitely call Samsung i550 conservative. It does have its strong points but is by far not the most inspiring handset in terms of design. In fact, the plastic used on its body looks downright cheap. To put it mildly, we weren’t impressed.In terms of size the Samsung i550 stands at 115 x 53 x 13.8 mm, a decent and quite pocket-friendly achievement. It is surely on the slim side of smartphones and one of the slimmest to offer a similar or better feature pack.Samsung i550 will be offered in two color versions -black and silver. Frankly, we do appreciate the silver one more but the black one isn’t that much of an eyesore either. Anyway, appeal is not what this handset is about.The front panel of the phone is dominated by the large 2.6″ display. The earpiece is located right above it, dead center. In the left corner is the video-call camera. No surprises here.Under the display is the trackball, which is the key navigation tool in the phone. We do like trackballs and this particular one had every chance of impressing us. Well, it failed. It was far too slow and needed a whole lot of rolling to move a single icon. It might be Samsung’s first go at trackballs but we still expected more. Anyway, we are going to get back to the trackball and the rest of the keypad a little later in our review.The left side of Samsung i550 features the microSD card slot, the volume rocker and the neck/wrist strap eyelet. The volume rocker has nice ergonomics and tactility but is a little too hard to press for our taste.” Read more here:

First look: Mozilla Fennec takes browser fight to handhelds

“The performance gains that are visible in the benchmarks are quite apparent in regular day-to-day use. We tested Fennec on the Nokia N810 with a number of web sites (including our own) and found that it is noticeably more responsive than MicroB. Performance and a small memory footprint are obviously important for effective mobile browsing, but those are only two pieces of the puzzle. The Mozilla Mobile initiative is also working on creating flexible and intuitive user interfaces that will make Firefox a winner on handheld devices. The Fennec prototype, which is based on one of Mozilla’s touchscreen mobile interface proposals, includes the first small steps towards achieving that goal. ” Read more here:

Nokia Tube iPhone Killer!

tube.jpgApple created history by unveiling iPhone last year. Now the work of other companies begins. Looking at the successful launch of the Apple iPhone, now Nokia is on its way to bring forth the Nokia Tube Phone. Although Nokia has been the leader in the cellular industry for some time, with the launch of the Apple iPhone, it seems like Nokia’s position got a bit affected. Nokia has been pondering over the success of iPhone. The reasons for the success of iPhone may be pre-launch hype due to free publicity, followed by the buzzing launch and the after launch discussions over the flaws. It is not just the case with Nokia, almost all companies in the world are thinking not overtly but covertly to bring forward such a sensational product. LG Vu seems like another copy of the iPhone, but poor one.As per the reports, Nokia Vice President Tom Libretto, speaking yesterday at the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference in Redwood City, Calif., said the proposed phone, code-named Tube, will support Java and allow photos to be uploaded.Regarding the challenge iPhone has given Nokia and other device makers, Farrar said that the “iPhone has not been a headache at all for us, and it actually validates our current strategy with converged devices in our N and E series.” via