Sony mylo 2 firmware version 1.100 adds WMV and SHOUTcast!

Sony mylo 2“The first software update for the mylo 2 (COM-2) personal communicator recently became available for download from the Sony eSupport website. In addition to the general “system stability” improvements, version 1.100 builds on the previous 1.000 by adding support for WMV files, squeezing a Game item into the home menu for quick access to Flash games stored on the unit, and making the system compatible with a new SHOUTcast widget.Though not confirmed by Sony as part of version 1.100’s enhancements, MyloForums also notes the following improvements: * Faster launch/load of camera * Improved memory management * Smoother YouTube playback * Ability to view YouTube videos in full-screen mode” via

HTC TyTN II runnind Android!

“Those wild and crazy hackers at XDA-Developers have managed to get a working build of Android running on a TyTN II (basically the same thing as your Tilt). Click the video above for the living proof of Android running on top of a cooked Windows Mobile 6.1 build by the powerhouse of TyTN ROM Cookery: Dutty. The more interesting part is that this isn’t some Windows Mobile replacement, you can just load the sucker onto your main memory. Basically you load up linux “like an app” and it loads up Android.This, folks, is going to be a trend. Expect Android to be made semi-available on pretty much every Windows Mobile platform powerful enough to run it. Now being able to do so with anything resembling stability or safety for the average user, that’s probably a way’s off, so handle with care, folks.” via

3G iPhone this June for Australia!

“If rumors are to be believed, Australia may be one of the first nations to get the elusive 3G iPhone, debuting as early as June 2008 – just 2 months away! If that wasn’t enough good news down under, consider the part that the iPhone will not be locked down to any operator.This is great news for Apple fans! If you’re in Australia, you can not only buy the unlocked 3G iPhone for yourself but for your friends around the globe! While the EDGE-capable 2.5G iPhone may not have impressed Europe and other parts of the world, news of the 3G iPhone – particularly unlocked – is interesting.With Nokia’s version of a touch screen phone looming, I can’t wait to see who’ll come out on top.” via

Opera Mini to Be Available on Android

“Today Opera Software announced that it has made a version of its Mini browser available to developers of the forthcoming Android mobile platform. The preview of the mobile browser in in pre-beta form, but Opera expects to roll out a beta version in the near future. Opera Mini should support any handset that is released running the Android platform. Android has yet to be finalized by the Open Handset Alliance and Google.” via