Motorola ZN5 Prototype Photo Gallery at slashphone!


Here are some better leaked photo shots on the unannounced Motorola ZN5, a camera phone with 5 megapixel resolution. The ZN5 is running on linux, has a Xenon flash module and support auto focusing.The ZN5 will be a slim candy bar phone, although the part that store the Kodak camera module will be thicker. Check out more photos at next page or read the previous rumor report here

BlackBerry Kickstart, the clamshell flip phone at boygeniusreport!

“Are you ready, people? We’ve been holding this info for a while now trying to confirm it, but no more! We have here pictures of a new BlackBerry device. It is a BlackBerry clamshell — a flip phone and codenamed the Kickstart! Let me repeat this. This isn’t fake, this isn’t a hoax. We’ve known RIM is planning to launch a flip phone within the year, and we now have the pictures to prove it! As you can see, it uses a SureType keyboard, has an external LCD, and a pretty decent looking internal LCD. It also uses the TrackBall for navigation and does have a camera. We’re hearing a release date before the end of the year. What do y’all think of it? Hit the gallery for all the pictures of the brand new BlackBerry flip phone!” More photos here: