Sony shows tiny hybrid fuel cell system prototype

“Sony showed off a tiny fuel cell at the Smart Fuel Cells 2008 exhibition that ends today, which combines a fuel cell, Li-polymer battery and control circuit for the first time. In testing conducted in Japan, Sony found a 1Seg video broadcast can play for 14 hours on 10mL of methanol. Use of a refined technology using the fuel cell could significantly boost the run times of today’s consumer electronics, specifically laptop and cellphone batteries.At 1.2 by nearly 2 inches, the system could be used in mobile devices, and Sony is taking steps to commercialize the design. The prototype is a result or research and development done at the Sony Material Laboratory, which rates the instantaneous power output of its creation at up to 3W.The active fuel cell system uses methanol as fuel, and earns the hybrid designation as the output is complemented with a Li-polymer secondary battery. Traditional fuel cells produce electricity from various external quantities of fuel, and last for long amounts of time, but constantly require re-fueling, while Sony’s prototype could operate by storing the produced charge in its integrated battery.” via

HTC Diamond: the first official photos of the device!

“The first “official” photos and specs for the HTC Diamond have been leaked, complete with a 2.8-inch 640 x 480 pixel screen (twice the lines of the iPhone in smaller surface,) Windows Mobile 6.1 and 3G connectivity. Could this be the most important product of the year HTC said it would reveal in London on Tuesday? The fabled iPhone Killer? Addy will be liveblogging the event, so we will discover it then. It certainly seems like a good cellphone, judging from the specs.

• large 2.8 inch VGA display (640×480 pixel resolution)
• Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
• Quadband GSM/GPRS/Edge and UMTS/HSDPA
• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0
• 3.2megapixel camera with autofocus
• extra VGA camera in the front for video telephony
• QWERTY keyboard
• Qualcomm 528 Mhz CPU
• 4 GB of internal memory plus a MicroSD slot
• FM Radio
• an accelerometer sensor (like the iPhone’s)” More photos here: