Slim and Compact Smartphone Samsung i200 Hits The Market

“Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a leading mobile phone provider, announced the launch of i200, slim and compact smartphone. Compact bar-type design and the most up-to-date features will be the ideal choice for business professionals who are looking for the smart yet stylish mobile phone.Supporting the Windows Mobile 6.1, Samsung i200 provides functional and practical features in business. Users can operate MS Office programs such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Outlook promptly. Intuitive User Interface provides direct-access to the most of menus and easy navigation in home screen. Especially, the phone is very efficient in email features offering HTML format email, easy editing (cut, copy and paste), and unified email and SMS/MMS management. Automatic pop-up helps users know whenever they get email and always be connected.The slim bar-type form factor with mere 11.8 mm thinness offers compact and stylish design, which is hardly witnessed in most of smartphones. A large enough 2.3” QVGA TFT screen with glossy coating makes users to fully enjoy multimedia contents and complicated business information.Furthermore, i200 gears up business efficiency through HSDPA 3.6 Mbps data communications. In addition to that, it’s unique ‘light sensor’ can help users minimize the power consumption to adjust lightness of LCD and keypad automatically. Multimedia features such as a 2-megapixel camera and music player enhance users’ entertainment experience.Geesung Choi, President of Samsung’s Telecom Business, said Samsung is going to offer more diverse smartphones for business professionals in line with its recently declared strategy ‘a mobile for every lifestyle’. “Samsung i200 is the young, stylish and energetic mobile which will be the perfect mate for urban business professionals,” Choi said. Samsung i200 will be launched in the European market in June and will enter other market within a month.” via

Philips Xenium X800 e2e touchscreen phone in the works

“Well, well, well… Look who’s getting into a full touchscreen mobile phone game. It’s Philips, with a new Philips Xenium X800 e2e handset.
Actually, it’s not THAT Philips, but a former cellphone subsidiary of the Dutch CE giant, which is now fully owned by Chinese investors and has the right to use Philips name for a while still.
Apart from the news that it will be a full touchscreen phone , with the abbreviation of “e2e”, which means a touchscreen that stretches from “edge to edge”, not much is known about the new Philips Xenium e2e phone. Except for the pics (if they are the real deal):
The handsets under Philips Xenium brand are best known for some extraordinary battery time, so I guess that should also be a distinguishing feature of Xenium e2e. The pics indicate that this phone will come with Wi-Fi connectivity, which implies other high end features as well.
If this phone is real, much will depend on how well the touchscreen works and how well the touch UI is implemented. Which is no easy feat, as many iPhone wannabe’s can attest.
Still, it would be interesting to see what new can Philips bring to the full touch screen phone marketplace, which is getting crowded pretty quick this year.” via