Symbian UIQ 3.3 widgets via Opera Widgets SDK

Widgetsclock widget

“Opera has announced the availability of the Opera Widgets SDK. The SDK allows the development of cross device and cross platform applications using standard web technologies (HTML, CSS, DOM, Javascript). Opera Widgets can run, assuming the presence of the Opera browser (9.5), on a PC, mobile phones (e.g. UIQ 3.3 phones), game consoles (Wii) and TVs. Opera Widgets is the widget platform that will be used by future UIQ devices.The SDK includes a Widget emulator to allow developers to test their widgets on multiple devices. It will show how a widget will appear on a TV, computer and mobile screen and is intended to make cross-device development easier. There’s also a set of libraries available for adding animation and other characteristics to widget applications. Also bundled with the SDK is Opera Dragonfly. Opera Dragonfly is a recently announced developer tool designed to help with debugging of web technology implementations. The SDK also includes documentation and access to forums for support.” via

Palm Introduces Centro Smartphone in Australia With Telstra


“While the first Palm smartphone with WiFi is finally coming near, Palm has just start to offer Palm Centro to Telstra Pre-Paid customers in Australia beginning May 26. Palm has sold its one-millionth Palm Centro smartphone in 10 countries worldwide, including Hong Kong, Singapore, India, the UK, Germany, Spain, Ireland, France and Italy.” via

Nokia to manufacture Linux based phones?

“According to the Finnish business newspaper Kauppalehti, Nokia’s Chief Financial Officer said Nokia is considering manufacturing Linux-based mobile phones. The article quotes Rick Simonson, Nokia’s Chief Financial Officer, as saying “we are definitely moving in the direction (of Linux-based phones)” at a seminar in Boston run by JP Morgan Chase. There was no further detail though, and apparently Simonson refused to be drawn on which kind of Linux would be used. Nokia already makes the Linux-based N800 and N810 internet tablets, which use Nokia’s own version of Linux called Maemo, but current tablets have no telephony ability.” via

Exclusive Pics of the Palm Treo 850!

” Ahh Wednesdays. Is the first half of the week over or is the second half of the week beginning? Optimist or pessimist, here at BGR we’re doing our part to make today as painless as possible. How about we start out with an exclusive dose of some live shots of the Palm Treo 850! Truth be told, this puppy is pretty smooth looking! Details are still coming in but we can tell you it’s sporting a 400 MHz processor and 100 MB of RAM. Hit the jump for a nice comparison pic with the BlackBerry 8800″ via

Samsung I900 spotted, pics and brief specs!

“We knew little about the Samsung I900, when it was announced, along with a plethora of other handsets a while back. We now have the known technical specifications, and some live pictures to boot.
Technical specifications are as follows:

  • 3.5G HSDPA connectivity
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 OS
  • 3.5″ 240×400 pixels touchscreen, showing up to 262 K colours
  • 5 megapixel autofocus camera, with front-facing camera for video calling
  • Memory: 16GB internal, with Micro SDHC card slot, supporting up to 8GB
  • 1500mAh battery
  • Dimensions: 112x56x13mm
  • Extras: FM Radio, TV-Out, Bluetooth 2.2, A2DP and Wi-Fi

As you can see from the image above, it seems Samsung has opted not to add its own UI enhancements, like HTC have done.”via