iPhone vs. BlackBerry Bold: Hands On Video

‘Dieter Bohn from their sister site, The iPhone Blog, got a chance to play with the Bold as well, and he used the opportunity to compare it with his phone of choice — you guessed correctly, it’s the iPhone. The end result is reflected in tons of images, comparing size, UI, web browser, and of course media capabilities. I’m sure you can tell in which areas iPhone excelled and where BlackBerry won the title.” Read more here:

Nokia E90 vs Toshiba Portege G910 Review

E90 vs Toshiba G910

“It seems scarcely possible that the Nokia E90 is still, arguably, the flagship of the S60 and Nokia family, a full fifteen months after its announcement – and even more unlikely that it’s able to hold its own against the very latest similarly-formed competitor from the Windows Mobile world, with the G910 only on the streets for a few weeks. And yet hold its own it does.Don’t get me wrong, the E90 (as has been widely documented) is not without its share of quirks and issues, but a look sideways at the competition shows that it’s still king of the heap. Let’s look at the E90 and G910 side by side, testing them feature by feature.” Read more here:

Samsung TOUCHWIZ (SGH F480) Phone

“We first laid our eyes on the Samsung SGH-F480 and its new TouchWiz interface back in MWC 2008. We were promised a April/May release date and true to their word, Samsung has announced that the 5-megapixel shooter is now headed to Europe. No word on availability in US, but considering that it is triband GSM designed for Europe and Asia, the phone would pretty much be a dud here anyways. With the new TouchWiz UI comes support for widgets, which can be dragged on to the home screen, which wasn’t available on its predecessor, the Croix 2.0 interface. Also available are 22 different vibrations which provide haptic feedback to the touch of a finger. Otherwise, the cell phone is basically the Samsung Armani with a 2.8-inch touchscreen, video messaging, email, USB 2.0 and Bluetooth connectivity, mobile blogging, and a 5-megapixel camera equipped with auto-focus as well as image stabilization.The SGH-F480 will be released in the European market with a graduated release in other countries, most probably Asian.” via mobilewhack.com