Official press photos Nokia E66 and E71

” The Nokia E66 is a small business device. Designed in the shape of a slider, the device combines business eases and a compact size in a perfect way. The device has a regular keyboard and will probably offer a 16 million colours display with QVGA resolution. The amount of keys make sure that you have easy access to the functions you use the most.The Nokia E66 will probably operate on the dynamic Symbian system. This is expandable with extra programs and it’s also not that strange that Office support will be installed on the slider as a standard. For some data speed, the Nokia E66 can count on UMTS and HSDPA support so you don’t have to wait long. For some nice photos between business the Nokia E66 will have a 3.2 megapixel camera at its back.
For the business man or women that longs for a little more comfort, Nokia will soon launch the E71, the follower of the Nokia E61i. The device is nice and compact but it still has a full QWERTY keyboard. This device will probably also operate on the Symbian system and all business programs you need will be on board. The amount of internal memory that the candybar offers is not known yet, it is known that you will be able to make some nice photos with the 3 megapixel camera and that you can reach the internet very fast due to the UMTS and HSDPA support.When will these two business devices finally be announced? That is the big question. Mobile Phone Helpdesk had already expected the Nokia E66 and the Nokia E71 to be announced but Nokia decided to postpone the launch in order to make some small adjustments to the devices. When the big day will come is something we don’t know yet.” via

New handset designs from Nokia!

Nokia has leaked a number of new handset designs, and a new User Interface. The first handset has a swivelling form-factor, ala the 7370…or that’s what you get when you open it with your left hand.

However, open it with your right hand, and the phone reveals a touchscreen, in place of the phone’s keypad, thanks to a hinge, which, when the phone is open, reveals a normal keypad, or a touchscreen, depending on what way the phone is opened.

Next, Nokia’s version of a touch interface. The d-pad – actually a scroolbar, is curved, and boasts touch sensitivity. It is more minimalistic than a circular scrollbar, and looks to be easier to use.

Rounding out this array of concepts is a form-factor tailored to media playback. Watching a film on your phone can be quite tedious, and, if you lay the phone on a flat surface, you can only see the screen properly from lowering your neck. The above image speaks for itself. So, some interesting here, hopefully some become a reality quite soon