MIO K1 Leap HandHeld GPS Phone

“GPS devices have been popular for quite a while now. MIO is adding to its popularity by releasing the K1 Leap HandHeld GPS phone designed with the ever popular GPS functionality in mind. This dual-sided device features a GPS navigation system in one side and a phone on the other.The details for this product is not yet clear but we do know that it comes powered with a Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system and has a 400Mhz Samsung 2443 processor with 64MB RAM.It’ll be displayed at the 2008 Computex show in Taiwan – June 3rd to June 7th.
MIO K1 HandHeld GPS Phone Specs:
* Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
* supports both GPS and A-GPS
* quad band GSM/GPRS, EDGE
* 400Mhz Samsung 2443 processor
* 64MB RAM
* 5 hours of talk time
* 320×240 pixel resolution” via mobilewhack.com

New cameraphone patent from Nokia

Nokia’s N93 form-factor may not be seen until 2010, but you’ll get the same big camera lens sooner than you think. In its latest patent, Nokia shows a slider phone, with a camera mounted on the side of the device – ala the N93. What many are calling the N85 may have a WQVGA 240 X 400) screen, and at least a five megapixel camera. The patent looks to be another video recording-focused device from Nokia, which, like the N93, aims to replace mini digital video recorders.” via mobile-review.com

Nokia Stay Top of the Handset Sales Charts while LG Overtakes Sony Ericsson

CrazySoft Logo“Sony Ericsson have slipped to fifth place in the handset sales market (reports SMSTextNews) with LG replacing them. The report, from Gartner, puts LG on around 8% of the market for sales during Q1 of 2008. Nokia are still number one, with 115.2 million phone sales, and there’s also a global increase on all handset sales from Q1 2007 of 13.6%.Samsung continue a strong number two position, up from last years Q1 32 million unit sales to 42 million, while Motorola, not surprisingly, dropped from 47 million to 29 million units.”While sales in emerging markets continued to be driven by strong net new subscribers’ growth, mature markets felt the pressure of an uncertain economic environment,” said Carolina Milanesi, research director for mobile devices at Gartner, pointing towards a market with much less churn than has been seen previously.More at Gartner Research.” via allaboutsymbian.com