Steve from allaboutsymbian Reviews the Newly Announced Nokia E71

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“In some ways the E71 is the iPhone’s nemesis – using almost the identical dimensions in a totally different way, for a totally different set of users. The iPhone excels at media consumption (Music/photos/video/web), while the E71’s strengths are in media creation (typing documents, Office work, camera, camcorder, and so on – the usual Nokia/S60 strengths). Both devices can do most of what the other does, just not as well. The attempted crossover is evidenced by the iPhone 2 platform adding enterprise features while the E71 now plays DRMed WMA music, etc. Then there are the starkly different form factors. And the different target markets (personal vs company use). Add in the elegantly-simple- but-not-as-deep UI of the iPhone compared to the useable but-you-need-to-be-fairly-tech-savvy-to-find-everything approach for S60 on the E71, and I can only emphasise once again that they’re polar opposites.” Read more here:

Treo 700wx May Be Getting Windows Mobile 6

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“One of Palm’s older smartphones may be getting a new lease on life. If an unconfirmed report is correct, Verizon Wireless and Palm will soon release a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for the Treo 700wx.An internal Palm document has been leaked that says Verizon Treo 700wx Update 1.24 will soon be released, which will include Windows Mobile 6 Professional. The process for releasing this must have been underway for some time, as this will apparently be the 6.0 version, not the more recent 6.1.
Still, this will be a significant enhancement for the 700wx, which debuted in 2006 running Windows Mobile 5.0 Pro. This new version will include a number of improvements to the bundled applications, such as support for documents in the Microsoft Office 2007 formats and the ability to use Voice Command over a Bluetooth headset.The leaked document says this upgrade will be released sometime during the spring or summer of 2008. It will be available free of charge.There has been no word of Sprint offering a similar upgrade for its version of the Treo 700wx.” via