Sony Ericsson abandons BeiBei and Paris

“With the leaked product pages, the Paris aka P10 might have come this close to an announcement along with the other five cell phones that saw daylight on June 17th, but looks like that is not going to be the case. The P10 along with the touchscreen G702 (BeiBei) will be shelved indefinitely, with no hints at manufacturing or further development of these two devices, although a limited release in Asia might be a possibility. What’s the reason you ask? Sony Ericsson blames it on us, bloggers, reviewers, and industry watchers for tearing those two cell phones apart, and in particular for one really hard-hitting review on the G702. Anyways, let’s hope Sony Ericsson has something else cooking in its labs other than the Xperia X1, as this just put a huge hole in its smartphone lineup, which might take a long while to fill up.” via