Nokia N78 over the air software version 11.043 released

Nokia N78This “over-the-air” software release will not be available through the Nokia Software Updater application, but is available directly through your Nokia N78. The release includes improved stability with Bluetooth (headsets and car kits) and music (playback over a long time and content refresh). This release also includes optimized Camera performance and Naviscroll sensitivity improvements.Technology innovations mean the size of this “over-the-air” update is approximately 2 MB. To get this software through your Nokia N78, click Menu > Tools > Utilities > Device Manager. Select Options > Check for updates and follow the on-screen prompts. Remember that you can also use Wi-Fi to download the update.Nokia provides this software free of charge. However, costs for downloading may be charged by your network operator or service provider. Please contact them for information about pricing.As with all software releases, note that your mobile service provider, operator, or carrier may not have approved this release. Nokia produces many different variants of each product (for different countries and languages) and not all variants have the latest Nokia device firmware. It is our priority to update all variants as quickly as possible.”
From allaboutsymbian:
The first over the air firmware update for Nokia N78 (is this the first one on a S60 device ever?), v11.043, is
now available. This new release ‘brings more Bluetooth stability, has improved the Music Player refresh time, and includes optimized camera performance and Navi-scroll sensitivity. The update is approximately 2MB and is also available to be downloaded over Wi-Fi. Note that this may not be available for all operators or regions.’ “

Google Maps v2.0.2.0 for Palm OS Released

“As foretold, Google has released a new version of its Google Maps for Mobile application for Palm OS devices today. The most anticipated new feature, the “My Location” service is only compatible with the AT&T and Verizon Cento at this time. The Sprint Centro will be made compatible via a software maintenance release expected sometime later this summer. Palm OS Treo devices are apparently not compatible with the new feature and Palm has no plans to release and update for these devices. Google’s blog post states “older Palm models such as the Treos don’t have the APIs needed to get the cell tower data, so My Location is not available on these models.” Google Maps v2.0.20 also features some additional new features that all devices can take advantage of including hybrid view so you can view satellite imagery with street names layered on top, an improved business and address search, and a route summary that allows you to scroll through step-by-step directions. Google Maps Mobile can be freely downloaded from ” via

Nokia Releases Internet Tablet OS Update

Nokia and Maemo have formally announced the official release of the next iteration of their Internet Tablet operating system. Codenamed Diablo, the OS2008 Feature Pack update includes several internal enhancements to performance, wireless capabilities, and stability. The launch of this update likely signals the impending release of the latest Nokia Internet Tablet, the N810 WiMax Edition, as many of the updates in the operating system pave the way for this upcoming device to be utilized fully.
Some of the major features of this update include:

  • SSU (seamless software updating) which enables components of the operating system to be updated without having to flash/rewrite the entire operating system.
  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates via Wi-Fi and WiMax connections
  • Update of the email client to Modest with several enhancements to the user interface and additional support of several mobile-friendly email features.
  • Addition of Chinese fonts to the system font list
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes to OpenSSL
  • Browser panning fixes
  • A-GPS support for the N810 and N810WE
  • Updates to the Wayfinder GPS application
  • and more

Because this is not a major update, most applications will continue to work from the previous version (OS2008) without a problem.This OS2008 Feature update is compatible with the Nokia N800 and N810 Internet Tablets. Previous versions of the Internet Tablet platform — specifically the Nokia 770 — are not supported.
Users can download the update via the following links:

HTC Touch Diamond Review at brighthand!

The HTC Touch Diamond is an ambitious smartphone. It is clearly intended to compete head-to-head with the iPhone, and appeal to the average consumer, not the business users that most Windows Mobile smartphones are sold to. To do this, HTC has come up with its own touch-oriented user interface that replaces the standard one.Its focus on consumers does not mean it has been stripped down; instead, it’s loaded with high-end features like a VGA touchscreen, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and 4 GB of on-board storage.Despite all this, the Diamond is intended for people who are looking for something better than a regular feature phone, not for hard-core smartphone users. There are several things about this model that long-time Windows Mobile users won’t like.” Read more here: