Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) joins Forces with LiMo Foundation

Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) joins Forces with LiMo Foundation to support and to unify the growing momentum of Linux platforms in the global mobile market, the Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) Forum announced that its activities and membership will be folded into LiMo Foundation as of July, 2008. The move will encompass LiPS Forum members from across the mobile ecosystem, including chipset suppliers, Linux OS and mobile stack vendors, handset designers and OEMs, and regional and global wireless operators. It follows announcements by other LiPS members who have joined the LiMo Foundation: ACCESS, ARM Limited, Azingo, France Telecom / Orange, Huawei Technology, MontaVista Software, Inc., NXP Semiconductors, Open-Plug, Purple Labs and Texas Instruments. The LiMo Foundation is competing with Google’s Android offering. I could even imagine that at some point Android and LiMo Foundation might join forces to compete effectively against Microsoft, Apple, and Nokia’s Symbian. ” via