Asus P750 review: Significant other

Asus P750 lands on the crowded Windows Mobile Pro scene but it sure isn’t dropped defenseless. The Asus PocketPC is among the best equipped Windows Mobile devices on the market. A hardware multi-tap keyboard to back up that 2.6″ TFT touchscreen, HSDPA, fast 520 MHz Marvel CPU, Wi-Fi, built-in SiRF Star III GPS, stereo Bluetooth and a 3 megapixel autofocus camera certainly sound like the right ammo to take on HTC-branded devices.
Still, many might have second thoughts about buying a handset by a maker with not so long a history in Windows Mobile. To them we say we found the Asus P750 enjoyable at first glance and the first impressions are of a handset that can top almost anything HTC throws at it. In case we’ve got you interested enough, join us to find out if the potent PocketPC carries its feature load with style.” Read more here: