Faster Google search for Symbian S60 smartphones now available for 8 countries

“Back in February we announced a new search shortcut for Nokia smartphones. We’ve been really pleased with the uptake and with the very positive reaction it’s received from the Symbian community. Even though we launched it in the US, we saw some very interesting usage patterns — people all around the world were downloading and using it.
Of course, Symbian phones are popular almost everywhere. So we’re now releasing an international version of the search shortcut for those of you in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and the UK. Nokia smartphone owners in these countries can now enjoy 40% faster search and get Google search results from their own country.It’s a free download. Just add it to your phone now by going to the URL for your country using the phone’s browser and then choosing the download link for Search. The download and installation should only take a minute or so and you’ll be good to go. Happy searching!” via

BlackBerry OS 4.5 Arriving in September

“Research in Motion has the new BlackBerry OS 4.5 ready for launch. All BlackBerries coming out this summer will have this system already installed while the rest of us, stuck with an older Berry will have to wait until September to go upgrading. In the mean time the BIS 2.5 upgrade is on. Today, June 29th, the BlackBerry Internet Services 2.5 should have gone live and by this time you might already have downloaded it. Some of the cool stuff this upgrade brings is the ability to add and save attachments while working from your BlackBerry smartphone. As long as they are under 3MB you will be able to attach all sorts of Microsoft Office files and more. You will be able to attach video and audio too. Wait there’s more! Push email is available. All you need is the BIS 2.5 and an AOL or Hotmail/MSN mail account and you can go pushing mail in no time. Wait there’s more… bad news! Not all of these upgrades will work. You will need the OS 4.5 to have the BIS 2.5 working properly. Better wait to September or get a brand new RIM smartphone this summer.” via