Samsung OMNIA Preview at phonearena!

“As we’ve already mentioned, the model is based on Windows Mobile 6.1, but the manufacturer has made big software personalizations. Their main purpose is to facilitate the work of the user, by offering him navigation and menus that he is familiar with from the non-smartphones.
The homescreen is divided in three tabs with the main one housing the clock, call log shortcut, messages and e-mails. The other two are intended for speed dialing and frequently used settings (like activating the motion sensor, the mouse cursor, Bluetooth and WiFi). Here, the interface is dependant on themes, in the same style as in Soul, but at least for now the rest of the menus do not change in the same way. The promised widgets, similar to F480, are not present in the prototype. Instead, there is a submenu with shortcuts where you can place 11 applications of your choice, by dragging.Similar interface, divided into tabs is not something revolutionary and we’ve seen it in the latest HTC models. OMNIA’s main menu, which is activated by the button on the right side or from the home icon on the start screen, is something absolutely new. It has large, beautiful icons and it looks like the menu of a regular phone. This feature gives you access to all functions and makes the standard Windows menu pointless. Some of the submenus, like the Phonebook and the alarms, have also been personalized, and all programs are united in a list. Still, most of the applications have kept their appearance, standard for a WM6.1 device.” Read more here: