Sprint Palm Treo 800w Video 1st Look

“I apologize in advance for a couple things… a) The delay getting the video online. 250mb takes a while to upload to YouTube, b) some minor mistakes I made in the video and c) The length of the video. 20+ minutes is a lot to sit through. Of course, if you are in the market for the Palm Treo 800w, it’s worth it to watch.Thanks for watching and let me know if you have any questions.” via mobilitysite.com

Apple iPhone 3G Review at phonearena

CrazySoft LogoIn a case the iPhone 3G looks nearly identical to the iPhone. It has the same chrome trim around the huge glass touchscreen. The circular indent of the home button still lies below the display, and above it is simply the earpiece. There are still only three buttons along the sides; at the top left is the switch to silence the phone, with the volume rocker just below it, and at the top on the far right side is the lock button. The dock connector and speakers are at the bottom, and at the top left of the back is the small 2 megapixel camera.
There are differences though, most notably is the back housing. Gone is the metal with the black plastic bottom, replaced with glossy plastic in a black or white finish. The white is only available on the 16GB version; you can get black on both the 8 and 16GB models. With the silver finish gone, the side keys have been changed from black rubber to silver metal. It’s a small gripe, but the key edges are rough and while it won’t cut you, running your fingers over them isn’t a smooth experience. The speakers at the bottom are much smaller, and like the earpiece are covered in silver metal mesh rather than the previous perforations.
Overall dimensions have actually increased, though the 0.5mm thickness difference is offset by the rounded edges of the 3G. ” Read more here:

Top Ten List of iPhone 3G Competitors

“It was about a year and a half ago that Apple’s original iPhone appeared on the scene and we did the Top Ten List of iPhone Killers. This time around, we pit the second-gen iPhone 3G against some of the best technology we have seen from other leaders in the mobile industry during the last six months. While all of them look drool-worthy in their own right, most of them lack one functionality that the original iPhone and iPhone 3G still boast about: multitouch. We will ignore this vital fact and continue on with the list for now, as most of the devices on the list have much more to offer in other areas compared to iPhone 3G. So without further ado, I present to you the top ten iPhone rivals that have surfaced over the past year, in no particular order.” Read more here:

First Live Pics of the BlackBerry Thunder!

The first pics and screenshots we have seen of the BlackBerry Thunder have been awesome, but it’s nice to finally have live hands-on photo evidence that the BlackBerry Thunder is REAL and it’s working (of course, only time will tell for sure just how well!).
Here’s a quick recap of the details we brought you last week on the Thunder’s touchscreen display:

  • Tactile Response – when you press on the Thunder’s screen, it pushes in “just” a little bit (the whole screen is sort of like a big button) and you get immediate “real” feedback – you hear an audible clickety sound, and can feel a buzz in your finger where you actually pressed on the display.
  • Full QWERTY and SureType entry – hold the phone in landscape mode and you can take advantage of a full-qwerty keypad. Use the phone in portrait mode and you can enter data on a SureType keyboard. You will be able to choose/change your screen/keyboard orientation at anytime.
  • Screen is made of glass and will feature multi-touch – the Thunder is said to be utilizing WebKit for it’s browser engine (same as the iPhone), so hopefully that means a solid web browsing experience for the Thunder.

More details and another photo of the BlackBerry Thunder’s touchscreen here: