Samsung BlackJack II now available in pink and blue

Android logoTrue to AT&T’smid-cycle refresh strategies, Big Blue has announced that the always popular Samsung BlackJack II will be offered in two new two-tone colors. The BlackJack II will be available in Ocean Blue and Romantic Pink, and will feature white faces and decorative designs on the back – giving the handset a slick, two-tone look that’s sure to make a splash.
The new color schemes are a departure from the solid Black or Red offerings that AT&T currently offers for the BlackJack II. And, seeing as how the AT&T Palm Centro more than pulled its own weight in sales performance with a two-tone color scheme and trendy White face, the BlackJack II’s new white-faced coloring is definitely a welcomed change. As expected, the new BlackJack II refresh will be getting the Windows Mobile 6.1 update before year’s end.
Look for the Ocean Blue and Romantic Pink BlackJack II at a $99 price point when purchased with new 2-year contract and mail-in rebates.
Check out the gallery for more high-resolution pictures of the new BlackJack II in Ocean Blue and Romantic Pink.
The WinMo6.1 update will hit the new BlackJack II before the end of 2008.

Tweak Peaks Symbian UIQ 3 version 1.30 is out!

“Tweak Peaks is a system utility that provides various enhancements to operating the phone. Display acceleration can dramatically increase the performance. Effects like instant menus and fast list scrolling improve the overall experience of using the phone. Finally you can have a truly fast UIQ3 device!
Major features:

  • Provides various enhancements to operating the phone
  • Improves the phone’s overall performance by providing display acceleration.
  • Significant speed boost on most phones.
  • Enhances your experience while using the phone.
  • NEW in version 1.30:

  • Setting the start page for the built-in internet browser application.
  • Improved performance and speed boost on the latest phone models and firmwares.
  • Optional integration into the Control Panel. ” Check it here: