Samsung OMNIA Review at phonearena!

The display is 3.2 inch one, which makes it comparable to the famous iPhone. Unfortunately, resolution wise, it is behind the leaders. We think that WVGA would suit it much better, compared to the 240х400 it has now. Nevertheless, the screen offers good image quality, but we have a few remarks regarding the colors, which have a light yellow hue. It is almost impossible to use it in direct sunlight, which is a big drawback. We have nothing to say about the sensitivity, even though Apple’s baby is still far ahead. Every touch is accompanied by a gentle vibration, no matter if you have activated any function and often, that could mislead you if you have tapped the wrong place. In addition, you have an extremely fashionable stylus at your disposal, which could be easily replaced by any object.The only objects on the front are two large and relatively easy to press hardware buttons (Send/End keys) and an “optical” mouse, like in Samsung i780. When the virtual cursor is not active, it the mouse has the role of a D-pad and you have to run your finger in the direction desired. Overall, this alternative input method is good, but you’ll never feel a need to use it while operating the phone.The rest of the hardware buttons are on the right side. All of them have a decent size and are easily felt once pressed, which makes them user-friendly. On top of that, they have multiple functions. When held, the button for entering the main menu activates the Task switcher. By using the key for turning the volume up, you can switch on the zoom, no matter which menu you are in. Pressing the camera “trigger” one time leads to the gallery. Even though it is not revolutionary, we have to congratulate Samsung for the realization of the idea. Multifunctionality is the way!” Read more here: